5 things your kids will not see growing up in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a privileged country. All around the world it is known as a country of smiling people and where foreigners are welcome. If you decide to move here with your family here is a small list of things that your kids will NOT be exposed to.


  1. Army/Guns: Costa Rica is in the list of the 25 countries without an army. Since 1948 Costa Rica abolished its army and changed state actions related to peace. Costa Ricans do not buy, keep or have any interest in guns. Most Costa Rican Citizens have never shot a gun and leave this world without having done so.
  2. Fast food in every block. With a diet based with rice and beans, fresh vegetables, grain fed meats and excellent sea food… this is reason enough why big fast food chains are not successful in the Guanacaste region.
  3. Movie Theater: With only one Movie Theater in the mall in the city of Liberia, you realize that year’s pass without going to movie premier’s. Since this is the case, it tends to bring families and friends together after dinner or during school breaks to watch movies at home on DVD’s with popcorn and goodies.


Gangs: Although Costa Rica is part of Central America, a region with some of the most violent gangs in the world (“maras”). This country does not live under the influence of gang violence, nor the dangers of these groups. With a government focus on free and obligatory education, openings and opportunities to study and work act as a protective shied from gangs for the country. Students of all ages are accustomed to wearing a uniforms to public and/or private school education. All students will be dressed the same as equals and there will be no flashing of colors in school clothes.

Drugs: Drugs are a problem globally and always in areas that bring tourism. They will find occasional sellers for the tourist, however the general population of people who grow up in the Guanacaste are much less exposed to drugs overall. Many of the heavier drugs are not even available in this area of the world and are socially frowned upon! Drugs here are not a fad and are not related with any positive characteristics, so from many sides our children are protected. Costa Rica does not live under the shadow and dangers of drug trafficking like other countries, such as Mexico and Colombia.