Adding Value to your Home
By Ian McPherson

Have you ever thought about how you could add value to your home without adding square footage or the market raising your investment? There are many ways to do this but I want to talk to you about one specifically that can change so much to your home. What is this subject I am mentioning, “Painting,” that’s right painting can add value and change the entire feeling of a home.

We have been in the painting business for years from Casinos in Las Vegas and Macau to Hotels in China and High-End Custom Homes around the world. It truly is amazing what a bit of paint can do to change customers or client’s perception of a space in a small amount of time. We have been helping our client’s dreams become a reality through the use of this and our specialty techniques. Faux finishing is a way that we can manipulate the appearance to be something than what it is really. We use a combination of color schemes and applications to give things texture, sheens, layers, and depth to achieve our clients wishes. We are able to do this because we have had years of practice and schooling in the fine arts and construction trades and we found a niche market that we could come to help so many others achieve their personal goals, which might be to transform a new space for the owners to enjoy or it might be an upgrade prior to selling to get the most out of their investment. Either way painting can help you get more bang for your buck.

There are opportunities out there for both, on the buyer’s side there are many times that clients do not purchase a home because it is not their choice color scheme and on the seller side they can use painting to freshen up the space or to give it a look that is more appealing to a wider target audience. If you are the buyer you can use this to your advantage by seeing great bones to a home but that there is a way to change the finish that others might pass up. Same for the seller you can finish the home to attract more buyers and potentially can raise the asking price since it will stand out and have more potential investors looking at your property. We have been lucky enough to have these painting skills take us around the world and help customers achieve their goals on both ends of the spectrum. Having an artist’s mind help you with envisioning your properties potential is a service worth looking into as this can put more money in your pocket no matter if you are selling or buying.

Painting is also not restricted to your home we have done numerous projects from pools, pavilions, waterfalls, fountains, iron railings, kitchen cabinets and more… So if you see something that might not work for everyone but there is a good price point remember painting can change everything when you hire a professional artist to help you see what can be your potential. Visit us at