Adventures Never End
By Ian McPherson


The adventures you can have in Costa Rica are endless and I try to enjoy all of them including: surfing, cycling, spearfishing, hiking, exploring caves, waterfalls, and most of all hunting down Real Estate opportunities. When my wife and I first started coming to visit Costa Rica we started out in San Jose and worked our way to the Pacific Coast and started traveling and exploring our way up to the north. We loved to see the diversity in the landscapes from lush tropical foliage and jungles and as we got further up the coast line the air became drier and the landscape was on the crispy side in comparison to the southern regions as we came during Guanacaste’s dry season.

We wanted to see what this country had to offer in respect to opportunities and cultural experiences. While traveling we made a point to stop and speak with the locals and get a feel of the pace in the different cities and towns. My wife and I have traveled around the world and have had many interesting adventures but the people here in Costa Rica are truly some of the happiest people on the planet! We enjoyed the areas like Santa Teresa but found for us it would have been great in our 20’s but not what we were looking for in this point in our lives. That area is more of the backpacker lifestyle and very undeveloped in our point of view, but had a great time enjoying the surf and some beachside living.

This area did not fit what we were looking for so we continued the journey north in search of a place we could call home and start developing. The road for us finally ended when we arrived in Guanacaste, we finally found it, this area has in my opinion some of the best beaches in Costa Rica. Playa Flamingo and Playa Conchal have been rated in the highest rankings by the tourist authorities and for good reason. They have amazing white sand and Playa Conchal’s north end of the beach is made up of crushed seashells that shimmer in the sunshine.

The Guanacaste region had everything we were looking for in a place to call home and sink out heels into the sand. We saw immense opportunities developing right before our eyes from the newly approved marina to the expansive home developments and private communities like Mar Vista. Having our focus honed in now on an area the hunt continued to find the first piece of land for us to begin our own spec house projects. We combed the areas back roads and beachside areas to find a place that could offer us proximity and an area that could support the development we had envisioned.

We found a nice piece of land that was a total of 3 lots, 1 commercial and 2 residential we started putting things in motion and making some preliminary plans on how we would develop these parcels. During the discovery we found that all was not correct with the property lines and there were some issues that were not able to be overcome so we went back to the drawing board. We hit the road as before and were lucky enough to find a lot that was in a great location to proximity to the beach and it was also backed up to a green zone in the area which means no one would build behind the property.

We made an offer and the process for this property went through with ease and we were able to start making concrete plans for our new build. The house is nearly complete and we are very happy with our choice of calling this region home and look forward too many more adventures and the next development we will begin. If you have an adventurous spirit Costa Rica will fulfill all your needs and more. If this sounds like fun to you come on down and join the journey of exploring and endless adventures in this amazing country! Adventures never end…..

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