Adventures of “Lazy Boy”
By Ian McPherson


We had set off on our adventure traveling from Macau, China to beautiful Costa Rica to visit with some friends who are originally from the area of Guanacaste. When we made it after 42 hrs of traveling to the majestic white sand beach of Playa Flamingo we could not wait to get in the amazingly clear blue sea. We were finally here after months of planning and research on the area and we very excited to be able to go out and see the islands that were calling to us the evening before at sunset. Welcome “Lazy Boy” an eighteen foot panga with an outboard engine and center steering station.

The boat is owned by a friend of ours and he has the same adventurous spirit as we do and we fired off out of the marina in search of the daily catch. The boat was equipped with several trolling poles and we had our spear guns for some reef fishing, it was going to be a great day! We made it closer to the Catalina Islands which are the largest two in the distance when you look out at them from the beaches of

Conchal, Flamingo, Potrero, and Penca. We started to notice that the island on the south was covered in cactus but the island to the north didn’t have any which is quite interesting and not known why really when I asked our friend. We were also very lucky to come just after the rain season so they were very green and the shoreline was lush and vibrant, which we were told would change once the dry season really set in and it would have a totally different look.

We made our way to the north side of the islands and started our trolling toward the south and there was a nice little set of islands that are named sombreros because they look like the traditional Mexican hats sitting in the water. We also were able to see the elephant rock which looks like she is drinking up the ocean.  Then it happened, the sound we were all waiting for happened zzzzz… it was the sounder on the reels from being hit by dorado!  “Fish On!” was shouted and the fun was about to begin, the rods were all grabbed up and we started bringing them in with a bit of a fight and they were off running giving everyone a joyous grin.

We had found the sweet spot and worked our figure eight with the trolling pattern and were on a clean-up fishing trip, we scored 14 dorado that day and now hold a new record for ole Lazy Boy. It was an incredible day for us and we were super happy the ocean gods gave us such a blessing. We then made our way to some other islands that were nice areas for us to snorkel and take the spears out to see if we could find some parrot fish or lobsters hiding along the reef.

We all love the sport of fishing and were excited to be able to do such a variety of types of it here in Costa Rica. Wrapping up the day we went to check out a few other spots and there were so many little areas to look and explore with bays and caves in some secret spots that we were able to jump off the boat and swim into the private beaches. The day was full of excitement and high fives from the scores of fish and exploring the enchanting islands off the Northwest Coast of Costa Rica.

This was only the first adventure we took out on Lazy Boy and factually one of the reasons we choose to call this place home. The ability to live in a place that offers so much diversity in so many areas of sport and adventures helped us make our life decision to make the giant leap across the Pacific. If you enjoy living life to the fullest then Costa Rica might be the place for you as it has become for us, when you are ready please let us here at Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica help you call this home.

Till the next adventure…

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