Top Bars & Restaurants in Brasilito

Tamarindo gets all of the attention when it comes to bars and restaurants, often leaving small and fairly off the-beaten path towns like Brasilito overlooked. Here is Blue Waters list of top 5 bars and restaurants in Brasilito:

Don Brasilitos: Just a stone’s throw from the northern end of Brasilito beach, this place is where you want to be to grab a beer and watch the big game. A fun vibe, good food and cold beer – what more could you ask for? To get there coming from Tamarindo, go straight over the bridge and follow the curve to the right. Follow the sign and keep going straight when the pavement turns to a dirt road. You’ll see Don Brasilito’s on the right. For more info on their menu and location, check out their website.


Don Brasilitos has an amazing location – it’s one of the most popular bars/restaurants in Brasilito.

Septimo Cielo (Brasilito): This French-run restaurant is currently listed as the #1 restaurant in Brasilito on TripAdvisor. One reviewer described it as “French cuisine with Costa Rican flair.” To find it, go to the Brasilito soccer field and follow your compass (or your compass iPhone app). 300m east.

Soda Brasilito: One local patron described this typical restaurant more aptly than I can, so I’m just going to quote her directly: “Family run, super cheap, always fresh and really good casados: fish, different fried rice etc…the fish soup is great too. It’s on the main square next to the souvenir shop. Remember it’s a local soda, so think plastic chairs and chickens running around, etc – but with a nice atmosphere.” To find it coming from Tamarindo, take a left coming over the bridge before the soccer field and you’ll see it on your left hand side.

Bar Indira: This dilapidated beachside bar and restaurant is so close to the water it practically falls into the ocean at high tide. It’s an open air dive bar that’s been around since 1963 – between the cool breeze, unbeatable atmosphere and ice-cold beer, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better hangout joint on the south end of Brasilito. To get there coming from Tamarindo, take a left after you cross the bridge until you hit the beach. You’ll see it on your right.


Bar Indira is one of the best bars and restaurants in Playa Brasilito, Costa Rica.

Bar CheChe: It doesn’t get anymore “Costa Rica” than Bar CheChe, located behind just Bar Indira and next to the barbershop. Come to this little hole-in-the-wall hangout to drink beer with the locals and enjoy a genuine Costa Rican experience. You can even get a haircut while you’re at it.

El Forno: Most locals regard this little pizzeria as the best in town. Go here to satisfy your craving for Italian food. If you’re traveling with kids, there is a quaint little garden area where the little ones can run around. Here’s a link to their TripAdvisor page for reviews and directions.


Photo Credits:

Lime drink photo: Sean Davis, Costa Rica Photographer

Indira Bar photo: Genna Marie of Tamarindo Family Photos

Don Brasilitos Photo: Courtesy Blue Water Properties