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Zorbing at Arenal Volcano


Imagine jumping into a big, inflatable ball partly filled with water. Now imagine rolling inside of that ball down a hillside obstacle course. Welcome to the world of zorbing! Mistico’s zorbing adventure in La Fortuna is one of the most disorienting and laugh-out-loud experiences in Costa Rica. You won’t know if you’re spinning, the ball is spinning or if the entire world is spinning (or all of the above). After screaming with childlike glee for the entire 40-seconds down, you’ll exit the zorb at the summit of the Arenal Volcano.



If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a jet pack, flyboarding is the next best thing. Practice your skills in the middle of lake Arenal, as the guides at Sky Adventures show you the ropes. First you’ll strap into special boots that are glued to a flyboard. This board is connected to a tube that receives output from a running jet ski. This is what propels you upward and into the sky. Surfers and skateboarders will be naturally talented, but pretty much anyone with decent balance can pick it up in roughly 30 minutes. Minute tilting of the feet results in drastic results (and sometimes body slams into the water), so be gentle and conservative with your movements.

Free Diving Costa Rica

Free Diving

Free diving involves learning how to control your breath so you can descend to great depths and stay underwater for long periods of time. It’s the most natural form of diving there is, it requires very limited equipment and the silence down there at the end of the line is magical. You’ll practice keeping air inside your lungs the entire time without releasing any bubbles, so even skittish wildlife tends to come in quite close. The level one course teaches you breathing, relaxation, swimming and stretching techniques. At the end of it you’ll be able to hold your breath for 1½ minutes, swim 80ft/25m in dynamic apnea (swimming horizontally while holding your breath) and dive comfortably to 30ft/10m. Record holding freediver Gauthier Ghilain of Free Dive Costa Rica in Tamarindo offers classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced free divers.


Dual Ziplining

Ziplining is the quintessential Costa Rica activity. What’s the only thing more fun than speeding one by one down a zipline at 60+ mph? Drag racing with a friend. The new Diamante Eco Adventure park offers just that. Two people can soar down two parallel lines each .85 miles (1,368m) long with views over the turquoise waters of the Papagayo Peninsula. To add to the thrill you’ll be suspended face-down, “Superman Style.”

Sub wing tamarindo-5527

Sub Wing-ing

Discovery Tamarindo has figured out how to turn snorkeling into an extreme sport with the genius new invention – the Sub Wing. You’ll be tethered to a boat, which pulls you at speeds of 2-4 knots through coral gardens buzzing with schools of fish and marine life ranging from sea turtles to stingrays. Within seconds you can go as deep or shallow as you like, making it easy to surface and catch your breath. The subwing has two arms that can be independently tilted, so you can twist and spin through the ocean like a dolphin. It’s even more fun with a friend – you’ll grab onto one wing and your friend will hold onto the other. Be sure to bring a comfortable mask or goggles and don’t forget to defog before jumping into the water!

Photo Credits:

Genna Marie Robustelli of Tamarindo Family Photos