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Category: Nosara Lifestyle

For better or for worse, Costa Rica banks and the national banking landscape are almost as vibrant and diverse as our wildlife. While that means that you theoretically have a lot of choice, the Cliff’s Notes version is that there are lots of ins and outs, details, and things to

Welcome to life and living in Nosara, Costa Rica: No longer quite so off the beaten path but not yet on everyone’s radar, Nosara occupies that idyllic space between authenticity and modernity, tradition and worldliness, tranquility and convenience. This is a special place of sheer natural beauty—what you likely visualize

If you’re considering moving to Nosara Costa Rica with kids, then you’re probably also digging deep into your options for private schools in Nosara, Costa Rica: What academic programs are on offer? What kind of extracurricular options can you expect? Will these schools prepare your children for life after school

When considering remarkable discoveries in Costa Rica, your thoughts likely gravitate (and naturally so) toward new animal or plant species. (We have those!) But what if we told you that this particular breakthrough is related to human longevity? Welcome to the Nicoya blue zone, one of only five in the

Thinking about moving to Nosara? This picturesque beach town is firmly ensconced within Costa Rica’s Blue Zone and is home to an unshakably chill vibe, spectacular outdoor pursuits, and an incredible wellness lifestyle. Nosara is the kind of place where you can dine on five-star fare… while you’re barefoot, toes

Safety and security are a consideration for everyone around the world, so it’s no surprise that we often receive questions and inquiries regarding safe communities in Guanacaste. Whether you’re often away from home (and especially if you split time between multiple homes) or simply have your eye on security, we

Whether newly arrived or a long-term resident of our region, you’re likely always on the lookout for new-to-you secluded beaches in Guanacaste – for the tiny coves and isolated strips of sand that promise privacy, solitude, and a little slice of paradise to call all your own, even if only

As you begin to explore the world of Guanacaste real estate, you’ll soon find yourself wondering about the differences between your many options. Because, while they may be close geographically, their details, real estate, and amenities are always listed separately. And that’s because the flavor of every town – and

Did you know that about 10% of Costa Rica’s population is comprised of foreign residents, immigrants, and expats? Indeed, the country is a tropical melting pot that tops many best-of lists of where to live, where to raise a family, and where to retire abroad. The real question is why

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