Can you believe we’re already halfway into February? It feels like almost yesterday that we were ringing in the New Year, looking back on 2022, and setting new resolutions.

And that got me thinking. Every year – every day, every week, and every month of every year – we at Blue Water Properties set new goals to challenge ourselves. New goals that we reflect upon the following year.

But we don’t always share our achievements. So, I thought I’d start a new New Year’s tradition: From now on, I’ll check in and tell a little about how our year went. I hope you’ll be a part of our year to come!

Hi, I’m Becky Clower, the owner of and broker at Blue Water Properties in Costa Rica. When I founded BWP in 2006, it began with a promise: Be there for our clients. More than a company, we are a family of curated talent rooted in common goals of quality, community, professionalism, and superior service.

And, while Blue Water Properties has grown over the decades, we’ve also remained a hyper-local company. As we grow, enhance, and refine our offerings, we remain committed to improving lives and our community. And that’s exactly where 2022 led us.

2022: A Record Year for Blue Water Properties!

A Record Year for Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica

Our superb team of 29 fully legal, bilingual, and bicultural real estate agents sold an astounding $103M in 2022!

There are so many ways to define a record year. At Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, we thought we’d take on a few interpretations.

Let’s start with the core of our business: our team! In 2022, our team of 29 real estate agents took the title as the largest independent team in Guanacaste. That’s an achievement in and of itself, but even more so when you consider the quality of this team: Call me biased, but I think they’re some of the best people, the most professional real estate agents, and the kindest hearts in the region.

And together, we sold an incredible $103,000,000 in property! There’s another record for you.

2022: New Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica Offices

Playas del Coco real estate office

Playas del Coco and Playa Negra in 2022, and here’s to the Central Valley in 2023!

The next step in our expansion plan! We were so excited to open two new offices in 2022.

Playas del Coco Office

It began with our Playas del Coco office: Located about 30 miles north of Tamarindo, Playas del Coco (often styled as Coco or Playa del Coco), is Guanacaste’s biggest beach town – a city, even, if you’re willing to be loose with your definitions!

Oceanfront with beautiful beachesclose to the international airport and every major amenity in Costa Rica, Playas del Coco is ~30 minutes to the city of Liberia and Liberia International Airport: the closest beach town to an airport and major private hospital in all of Costa Rica.

We are now delighted to serve this new-to-us community! Browse our Playas del Coco real estate.

Playa Negra Office

This cool little beach town, about 14.5 miles (23.5 kms) south of Tamarindo, offers a lot of what you’ll love – dining and proximity to amenities – without the things you don’t, like over-touristed beaches and crowds.

Relatively undeveloped and yet, tantalizingly close to it all, Playa Negra has long been a favorite among surfers, who come for its incomparable barrels and reef breaks. And now, Playa Negra is an undeniable, up-and-coming Costa Rica relocation destination. This is almost a hush-hush, have-you-heard kind of place – a town that invites to be in the know, before everyone knows. So now you know!

Browse our inventory of Playa Negra real estate.

2022: Introducing Our French-Language Division

French Division Costa Rica real estate

Meet Yanina, our French-language (she’s trilingual!) real estate consultant. Oui, maintenant on parle français!

As if 2022 hadn’t already been a year full of growth, we decided to go even bigger by opening our French-language division at Blue Water Properties. We are proud to now serve our clients in fluent French, English, and Spanish. Bienvenue à tous!

2022: A Home for a Family Need

A Home for a Family Need

We were so excited to get Crisela and her family into their home, just in time for Christmas and New Year’s!

Every year, during the end-of-year holiday season, Blue Water Properties builds a home for a family in need. Once known as #aHomeForSilvia, our first home recipient, this program has since grown to benefit several families in our community.

In 2022, we introduced our BWP to Crisela and her family – three children, including an infant – who live in the village of Lajas. Crisela is incredibly hard-working and holds a full-time job but unfortunately, Crisela’s salary doesn’t cover her family’s expenses.

Crisela and her family have surmounted many challenges. And, while she has fought many battles to have the makeshift home they lived in until 2022, it wasnt enough; they were living in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, since their one-bedroom house was crafted from metal sheathing and had only one window.

At Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, we were so excited to honor Crisela for our 2022 housing project. Throughout the year, our team toiled through rain and wind, sun and storm to meet our deadline – and we did! Crisela and her family moved into their new home in time for Christmas and the New Year!

Blue Water Properties: Looking Toward 2023

Blue Water Properties Looking Toward 2023

Next stop: Costa Rica’s Central Valley – roughly, the valley surrounding San José, extending into Escazú, Santa Ana, Heredia, Alajuela, and Cartago. See you soon!

There’s just something about goalsetting (and goal achieving), isn’t there? As individuals and as a company, we at Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica love pushing the goalposts (and pushing ourselves) as we work to achieve more, every new year that comes.

In 2023, we will continue to grow as a company. We have plans to expand into the Central Valley, where we will open a new office. Additionally, we’re also expanding our Coco Office, so we can continue to serve the area’s relocating families, retirees, and others.

Finally, we are doubling our community commitment! For years, we’ve loved our home giveaway and so, for 2023, we are working to raise funds and community to help two families get a new home this year. Holiday season 2023, here we come!

Join Our Blue Water Family

Join Our Blue Water Family

Thinking about relocating to Costa Rica? On behalf of Blue Water Properties and myself (hi!), I’m so excited to introduce our new relocation department, our brand new Costa Rica MLS, and our entire team.

At Blue Water Properties, we’re CRGAR REALTORS®. We meet high standards. We follow a strong code of ethics. As a company and as people, we thrive on relationships and promise the fastest communication and best services in the industry.

That begins with lots of information. At Blue Water Properties, we help people just like you to make their own successful and dream-fulfilling transition to live in Costa Rica. That’s because we offer honest advice rooted in real, hard-earned expertise. We don’t sugar-coat the truth or side-step the tough stuff. We’re here to share the whole picture – not just the carefully curated, postcard-perfect bits.

We’re also happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction, even if you’re only in the beginning phases of planning your future move. Because we love this place we call home and we’re proud to offer some of the best Costa Rica real estate, from condos and homes to land and businesses for sale.

So, go ahead – try us. Give us a chance to show off our expertise – and wow you with the possibilities! We look forward to it.