We broke ground on January 17, 2012. We are officially into our third month of construction and things are moving along on our ocean view home near Pirate’s Bay (Bahia del Pirata) in Guanacaste.

Our new home will consist of three bedrooms plus office and 3 bathrooms, living/kitchen area, pool with outdoor covered living area and two-car garage. The house will be three stories (with the garage being the only thing on the ‘first/ground’ level).

The house is about 2,800 square feet including the terraces and garage and sits on a 1,300 m2 lot.

The main highlights of this past month is that you can now make out the garage and the main entry to the home and stairs leading up to the second level. The pool is done being formed (the pool contractor will use a Quartz finish instead of tile). I think the pool is too big. My husband says there is no such thing as a pool that is ‘too big’!

When I mean ‘too big’ I meant the depth–which is 6 ft (2 meters). He says when he was a kid, he had a big pool with a real ‘deep end’. There you have it! So now our pool has a deep end and the boys can dive right in without a problem. Glad they love the water!

We will have to figure out something to make the infinity edge a little more ‘kid friendly’ as well. While it looks amazing, it’s not a truly kid friendly pool because of the height of the back wall (which also serves as a retention wall too). However, I do love the ‘beach’ entry, as you enter the pool, which is perfect for children.

Other big news is that the concrete slab was poured. I can now make out the actual size of the footprint of the house instead of just looking at it on the plans. We are happy with the openness of the floor plan and how it came together. We can clearly see where the kitchen is versus the bathroom and the first floor office as well.

The doors that will lead out to the pool will be the bi-folding variety that kind of disappear when opened up.

The design of the house was meant to have the inside space blend with the outdoor space, so that will be a really nice feature. The outside space is almost the same size as the inside space, but is covered to protect from the rain (in rainy season) and the sun.

The steel frame structure has arrived! It’s in the country now and we expect to have it on site by Friday, April 20th.

Once the structure goes up, things will really get moving. You can see from the photos the back of the house is done in concrete, but the rest of the structure will be steel frame. The pool area has also received a coat of stucco over the concrete block and looks more polished.

This is part three of our story and we’ll continue to keep you posted. We hope to spend Christmas 2012 in our new, ocean view dream home in sunny Costa Rica.

We hope that in part four of this story we will be well underway with the steel frame structure of the home. Looking forward to next month!