It’s a story familiar to so many of us: Over a decade ago, Gina Briguglio came to Costa Rica on vacation. 

Here’s the even more familiar part: She never left.

The rest isn’t history, though; it’s an evolving success story, bolstered every day by new achievements and joys here in paradise. Because Gina moved not alone, but with her four children and an established career in tow. They never looked back.

As we said, a story familiar to many. So, let’s start at the beginning.

Once upon a time, Gina Briguglio was a Chicago real estate agent and real estate investor with a successful career. The stars aligned at one of those pivotal turning points in life – those moments you look back on and say, that’s when it happened. That’s when my life changed.

And with that, we begin our very first Costa Rica real estate agent interview.

Q: Hi, Gina! Tell us a little about yourself. Who were you before Costa Rica and what brought you here?

I first visited Costa Rica in 2010 for a 10-day vacation. I never went home to Chicago except to sell my things. I have been here ever since. 

Before that, though, one of the first major decisions in my life was becoming a real estate agent. I did it out of personal interest and passion: I was flipping houses in Chicago and was looking for greater insight into the market. On a more personal level, real estate has always been a passion for me; I wanted to pursue it. And so, I did!

So, when I came to Costa Rica and fell in love, I naturally wanted to pursue that passion, too. The only challenge was figuring out how to dovetail my love of real estate and my heart’s desire to live in Costa Rica. Over a decade later, and it’s safe to say, I’ve found my way! 

Q: Are you a licensed Costa Rica real estate agent?

Casa del Rio in Mar Vista Gina Briguglio Costa Rica real estate agent

Gina represents the tasteful Casa del Río, a 3-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom, newly constructed home


Yes… and no. But only because real estate agent licensing works differently in Costa Rica.

I’m a board member of the Costa Rican Association of Realtors (CRGAR). I’m also licensed in Illinois and am CIPS certified, so I really understand the ins and outs of the U.S. and Costa Rican real estate markets, especially their overlaps (and their vast differences).

And at Blue Water Properties, we’re all proud members of the Costa Rican Global Association of Realtors (CRGAR) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR), both of which adhere to the highest standard of ethics.

Q: What kind of Costa Rican real estate do you specialize in?

Gina Briguglio Costa Rica real estate agentI represent buyers and sellers, often working on both sides. In fact, that’s kind of my specialty, if you want to call that. 

Of course, “specialty” is a strange word in real estate. There are so many ways a Costa Rica real estate agent can “specialize,” so to speak. For example, I’ve cultivated a vast and in-depth knowledge of central Guanacaste south to the Nicoya Peninsula – mainly Tamarindo to Nosara – to help my buyers and sellers make the best decisions for their purchase or sale. 

I’m also an expert in gated communities and individual properties, and am considered one of our office’s resident land experts; I’ve sold over $20 million in condos and homes.

So, I guess you could say my specialty is you: in understanding your needs and how to align them with Costa Rica’s offerings, in a way that will make you as happy as I have been, calling Guanacaste my home.

Q: What do you love most about your job?

Almost everything but, if I had to pick one thing I love “love most,” it would be that I love helping people transition to a new lifestyle and watching them learn the Pura Vida. It’s truly exciting to me when I see others with the same passion for this country as I have.

To me, the pura vida embodies a lot of why we come here. It’s an invitation to slow down and enjoy the view. To smell the roses, when the roses look like orchids and birds of paradise. To live the life you always dreamed but never thought possible. It’s a lot of things and I’ve learned that its interpretation is different for everyone, but my clients’ journey from here to there is always one I enjoy. 

Q: Do you work with a specific type of buyer or seller?

Again, yes… and no. I work with anyone who’s looking to purchase or sell real estate in Guanacaste. 

That said, I hope to work with buyers and sellers with whom I have rapport. I want you to feel comfortable with me. I want us to be friendly at first and lifelong friends, later. I want you to feel like I’m on your side, to know that I’m your fierce advocate and always have your needs in mind. So, yes, I work with a specific “type,” but that type is up to you: if you feel comfortable working with me, then you’re my type!

Beyond that, I will say that midlife buyers one some of my favorites. They’re so excited, so ready, so eager and it’s infectious. I love their zest and their willingness to take risks. 

And yet, they also don’t quite know what they’re getting into. It’s not personal; no one does. As I’ve already said, once upon a time, I was that person! And that’s one of the reasons I love these buyers so much: They remind me of why I came and why I stayed. Why I’m still here. 

So, once these midlife buyers are in my hands, I take the time to get to know them and guide them in the right direction. I treat them the way anyone new to Costa Rica wants to be treated. Because these are people with passion and energy that I love being around, and I want to be around them for many years to come.

Q: What’s one hot tip, insider recommendation, or another piece of expertise you’d like to share?

Costa Rica real estate agent spotlight property Casa Vistas Miramar 46

Gina specializes gated communities (and dream fulfillment). Case in point: Casa Vistas Miramar 46, a brand new, 3,300-square-foot luxury home with 180° ocean vistas over Playa Flamingo.


This is a hard, almost impossible question because there are so many things I’d like to share. 

That’s my job, really: I don’t just manage sales and hand over keys; I am like an expert guide in all things Costa Rica and real estate. Because, while this country may feel like home, my buyers especially need to know that it’s not always just like home. Some things (and especially the things you don’t think about) work differently here. 

So, my first piece of advice is don’t try and cut corners. You get what you pay for in Costa Rica. More than anywhere else I’ve ever been, I’d say.

My other piece of advice is a little less practical and a lot more inspiring. It goes back to those midlife buyers and the person I once was: If you have an inkling to try something new, then out-of-the-box expat living is definitely something to look into. It has been the most broadening experience of my life!

Q: What’s one recent Costa Rica real estate agent success you’d like to share?

So many! But, one of my favorite success stories is a couple who, after vacationing here for years, dreamed of owning a home in Costa Rica.  

They’re in their mid-30’s from Canada. I met them, as you do (at least, here in Guanacaste!), on the beach at Conchal. Theirs was a story I’d heard many times: They really thought their dream was unattainable.

So, I set to work. Problem-solving and dream-achieving is another specialty of mine, I guess. I helped this couple pinpoint some out-of-the-box local private financing, and they were able to build their dream home.

Even better: They currently rent it out quite successfully while waiting on their future retirement. (And visits in the interim, of course!) Once they are ready to retire, their house will be paid off through the rentals; they will own their own home for the rest of their lives. 

I love this story because it reminds me of two things: First, that a great real estate agent can make a difference in people’s lives. It sounds like such a line, but it’s true: Who doesn’t want to know that they’ve made someone in this world happy? That they’ve left a mark on someone’s life. 

The second is that this is just one story of many: Local, private financing and second-home rentals can offer a successful model for people who want to live here eventually and get a head start on their retirement. It’s so satisfying – both for me and for my clients – to know that dreams, however wild, can also be practical. 

Q: Want to Work with Gina? 

Buyers and sellers, one and all! If you think Gina might be a great fit for your Costa Rica real estate agent, please get in touch.

And remember, at Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, we’re committed to you. Not to selling you a property or spamming you with all the options, but to helping – genuinely and with good intent – to match you to the perfect property for your needs and wants. We thrive on relationships and promise the fastest communication and best services in the industry. 

Go ahead – try us. Give Gina a chance to show off her expertise – and to wow you with the possibilities! We all look forward to it.

At Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, we’re proud to offer some of the best Costa Rica Real Estate. We have both condos and homes, land and businesses for sale.