CREA (Costa Rica Education and Adventure) now in Guanacaste

by Becky Clower


The teenage years are an amazing time of growth. It is a time when children transition into adults, personalities are molded, values are formed. For your average teenager, this time is filled with being with friends, going to school and being exposed to the world through media, entertainment and non-stop marketing. Fortunately, there are many teenagers and parents who are looking for a deeper and more meaningful passage into adult hood. Traveling, often times, proves to be an invaluable experience for young minds as they grow. By exposing young adults to different ways of living and being, we are in essence creating a more active and compassionate global citizen for the future.

Costa Rica has long been a haven for international student tours. Not only because of its natural beauty, but, because it has been a safe and stable country for many years. There is nothing that a parent wants more than to keep their children safe, especially as they are so far way from home. Costa Rica’s low crime rate, political stability and general public health and safety provide a safe haven for young travels. Once young explorers feel safe, they can spend their time and energy taking part in the rich cultural and natural beauty that Costa Rica has to offer. It is also very important to find a reputable and trusted organization to facilitate tours.

The CREA (Costa Rica Education and Adventure) Institute is a place-based, experiential learning center that creates rich, meaningful and safe experiences for international student groups. Their campus is located on 17 acres in Villareal where they house students during their 8-21 day stay. They work closely with families, teachers and students while planning travel and while creating unique and tailored curriculums for visiting students. CREA offers four different programs which use the unique natural and cultural aspects of Guanacaste in order to create living classrooms for visiting students.

The Guanacaste region is home to one of the last tropical dry forests in the America’s. Through the Learning Through Living program, young scientist can see the amazing amount of life that abounds and also observe the effects of humans on our natural environment. Spanish en Viva is for those studying language. There are a plethora of opportunities to learn Spanish and use it in a practical and real life situations. For the adventurous youth, CREA offers the Pura Aventura program, which is lead by well trained, fitness guides and offers opportunities to surf, paddleboard, mountain bike, sail, camp and more. Lastly, their Learning Through Giving program will create authentic and meaningful service learning, volunteer projects for those who see the value in giving back.

CREA was created and supported by teachers and administrators of the La Paz Community School. La Paz, an International Baccalaureate applicant, is a Pre-K-12 grade Dual Language school. A portion of all CREA’s tuition supports the La Paz Scholarship fund, which affords local students an opportunity to have a world-class education.

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