If you’re thinking about selling your property and/or are looking for a seller’s agent in Costa Rica, then you may also be wondering whether and under what circumstances you should grant exclusive real estate listings in Costa Rica.

Below, we’ll discuss 9 compelling reasons to work exclusively with Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, Guanacaste’s largest independent real estate agency. And as we dive into each, we’ll give you a little more information on what it means to grant an exclusive listing, as well as why you should list exclusively.

Bottom line: An exclusive listing grants you many advantages, which we’ll also detail below. But, perhaps most importantly, we’ll state up front that  Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica does not work with open listings. If you’d like us to represent your property as your seller’s agent, then together, we will build an exclusive listing relationship.

Now, here’s exactly why you’ll want to do that:

Benefit: Sell in Record Time & for the Highest Dollar

Sell Costa Rica property in record time

As a seller, you likely want two things in life: a quick sale, for the best price you can get.

That’s our specialty. At Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, we’ve built a 15+ year track record of success, based on selling properties in record time and for the highest dollar.

There is no one ingredient to our secret sauce, though; it’s a combination of serious dedication, an excellent network, great marketing, a true affinity for what we do, and exclusive real estate listings in Costa Rica. To wit:

Benefit: Reach Guanacaste’s Largest Independent Network

Guanacaste’s Largest Independent Real Estate Network

We’ve already mentioned that Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica is Guanacaste’s largest independent real estate agency; but what does that mean? Our 30+ agents cover more than 1.5 hours of coastline and, thanks to our strong ethics, 5-star reputation, and collaborative spirit, we are proud to collaborate readily and work well with other agencies in our area.

And that all boils down to one incredibly important benefit to our sellers: You will have our large, well-connected network at your property’s disposal. That means not only our own reach, but also the reach of every other agency with whom we regularly work and partner. And that means more eyes on your ads and more potential buyers at your property. There’s a reason we sold an incredible $103,000,000 in 2022 – the most sales in our area. Yep, we break records (often, our own!).

Bottom line: If you’re selling in Guanacaste, then you want Guanacaste’s best as your seller’s agent. And we only represent exclusive real estate listings in Costa Rica.

Benefit: Be Included on the First & Only Costa Rica MLS

list on the Costa Rica MLS

Costa Rica’s new MLS (launched September 2022) is not only poised to revolutionize the Costa Rican real estate market, but also your very personal experience with selling real estate here.

Among other benefits, Costa Rica’s Omni MLS guarantees:

  • Transparency: We finally have a centralized, accurate, and reputable database of listed and sold real estate.
  • Comparative Market Analysis: We now have access to a full suite of comparative information – asking price, price per square foot/square meter, bedrooms/bathrooms, time on market, and a lot more – making it easier to price your property competitively and solidify that stance via hard numbers, when we come to the negotiating table.
  • Availability: No longer will buyers be side-tracked by listings that have long since gone off the market; they’ll be served only those properties that are currently available, at a currently accurate market price.
  • CountryWide Listings: No longer will a buyer’s agent (or a buyer) be forced to hop around from one listing engine to another; with the new Costa Rica MLS, they’ll be able to search any national listing with just one click. And that makes your property more accessible to more buyers.
  • Greater Real Estate Professionalism: Only licensed agents have access to the MLS, meaning both your seller’s agent (that’s us) and the buyer’s agent are guaranteed to operate under specific ethical and professional standards.
  • And more! Read about the new MLS’s full suite of benefits.

Bottom line: If you want to sell your property, you absolutely must be listed on the new MLS system. And at Blue Water Properties, all our agents are licensed and have access to the system.

Benefit: Only Exclusive Listings Have Access to the MLS

Only Exclusive Listings on Costa Rica MLS

We’ll keep this one brief and to the point: Only exclusive listings are allowed on the MLS. Why? The most salient reason: Because exclusive listings guarantee that all MLS listing information is accurate, up-to-date, and fully transparent, benefitting both buyers and sellers.

Bottom line: If you want your property to appear on the new Costa Rica MLS, then you must commit to an exclusive listing.

Benefit: Access the Best National & International Marketing (+ HGTV)

Costa Rica international real estate marketing

Marketing is a huge factor in real estate success, especially when it comes to selling your home quickly and for top dollar (see above).

Over the last 15+ years, Blue Water Properties has cultivated some of the best, farthest-reaching, and most recognizable marketing channels to create buzz, expand our brand awareness, and get the word out.

We’re affiliated with international real estate networks (details below). Our founder and broker, Becky Clower, has appeared on HGTV’s House Hunters International, Beachfront Bargain HuntBeach Around the World, and Live Here, Buy This. Our social media channels are hot (see below). Etcetera, etcetera. (Ask us if you’d like more details!)

Bottom line: When international and national buyers look to Guanacaste real estate, we’re first on their radar. They contact Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica and that means they’ll have eyes on your property if you’re listed exclusively with us.

Benefit: We Invest in Your Property Marketing

Invest in Costa Rica Real Estate Marketing

We are incredibly grateful for our success and collaborative teamwork, which allows Blue Water Properties to invest in extensive property marketing, both on an agency level and a property level.

In addition to all the agency-level marketing detailed throughout this post, we also pour serious marketing dollars into your property. Exclusive real estate listings in Costa Rica are part of this success: We’re able to invest because we are the only representative for your property. Our seller marketing includes:

  • Professional photography
  • Professional videography, which sometimes includes drone footage
  • Digital & online advertising
  • Highly professional open houses
  • Printed materials
  • And more!

Bottom line: If you want your home to sell quickly and at or above asking price, then you need the weight of professional marketing behind you. We provide that.

Benefit: Choose Your “Best Fit” Local Office

choose local Costa Rica real estate agency

We may be Guanacaste’s largest independent real estate office, but we also understand the power of our local communities.

Blue Water Properties currently offers three locations (more to come!), centered around the areas of Tamarindo, Playas del Coco, and Playa Negra. We file our exclusive real estate listings in Costa Rica with the office closest to your property’s location, so you’re guaranteed an agent who knows your neighborhood well. We’ll also feature your listing in all our offices via LED displays.

Bottom line: List exclusively to combine the hyper-local expertise of a neighborhood agent with the networking, marketing, and reach of Guanacaste’s largest and most successful independent brokerage.

Benefit: Get Wide Exposure Across Many Networks

Again, we are grateful to have found the success needed to liberally invest our agency and properties, including in social media marketing and networking.

Bottom line: When you list exclusively with Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, you access worldwide exposure via Realtor.com, Realtor.ca, and our 18,000+ social media network, including our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channels, as well as our database of 20,000+ clients and network of 200+ agents in Guanacaste.

Benefit: We Give Back to Our Community

Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica gives back

Our agents may come from around the world but here in Guanacaste, we are one community. And we love our community!

As a company and as individuals, Blue Water Properties gives back. We work with CEPIA, a local nonprofit. Every year, we give away a home to a family who is truly in need. We know – we truly believe – that money doesn’t have a whole lot of meaning if we can’t use it to do good things in this world. So, we’re dedicated to doing good things.

Bottom line: When you list exclusively with Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, you, too, are giving back to your community. And, whether you’re buying another property here or are moving on to the next adventure, we know you’ll appreciate leaving a mark on this incredible place.

Want to Join Our Portfolio of Exclusive Real Estate Listings in Costa Rica?

Portfolio of Exclusive Real Estate Listings in Costa Rica

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