Over 50 years ago, when Tamarindo was a quaint fishing village traversed by dirt roads and brimming with ambitious dreams, a local resident fell in love with a unique swath of breathtaking landscapes: undulating hills and forests with captivating ocean views. Living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica had never looked more beautiful. 

Unable to resist, he acquired this land. Today, this spectacular and biodiverse expanse is now known as Tamarindo Park, one of the most unique and eco-conscious gated communities in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. 

Conceived as proof that you can truly have it all – all of life’s little luxuries, while maintaining your priorities and nurturing the environment – Tamarindo Park challenges you to make no compromises. Revel in the amenities of this eco-community, which seamlessly blends modern architecture with the preservation of Costa Rica’s delicate biodiversity

A community designed within and for nature, Tamarindo Park is an invitation to expansive green spaces, close-knit community, paramount tranquility, and natural abundance, all a brief 5-minute walk to Tamarindo Beach and downtown

Tread Softly. Live Connected.

Tamarindo Park community living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica is very much about where and how you choose to live. What many don’t know, however, is that where you choose to live often informs the how. In other words, choose the right community (the where) and everything else (the how) will follow. 

Billed as modern tropical living that “treads softly,” Tamarindo Park is a connection between nature and community– an invitation to live within the embrace of Costa Rica’s vast biodiversity, while still surrounded by modern architecture, luxury real estate, and one of the most vibrant towns on the North-Pacific coast. 

A Connection to Community

Tamarindo Park childrens playground

So often, living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica can feel like you’re living on an island: Most communities are nowhere near downtown and even those that are, often “other” themselves. 

Tamarindo Park does just the opposite: The community is a true part of Tamarindo, seamlessly and purposefully connected with the greater community. 

For example, Tamarindo Park is currently developing a municipal park and nature walk, open to the public. Here, you’ll wend and weave through native biodiversity on walking and golf-cart paths that lead through Tamarindo and directly to Playa Tamarindo – just a 5-minute walk to the beach, whenever you are so inclined!

A Sustainable, Harmonious Lifestyle

Tamarindo Park walking paths

Tamarindo Park is a place you’ll be proud to call home.

Meticulously designed to align with Costa Rica’s green goals and a carbon-lite footprint, this is one of the most sustainable and eco-conscious (in the true sense of the word) gated communities in Tamarindo, Costa Rica – and in the region, for that matter.

Sustainable is often a buzzword but at Tamarindo Park, it’s a way of life. Almost every aspect of the community is built to sustain, respect, or regenerate the environment; this is the true meaning of what they mean when they say to “tread softly.”  

For example, the environment – the land’s natural slope, the landscape, and even the existing flora – all factor into Tamarindo Park’s design, which is not taken as a whole but rather as each individual part: Every home is designed around, not in spite of its homesite – the land, the biosphere, and Costa Rica’s delicate balance, all a guiding force. Why cut a tree down, when your home could hug it instead? 

This sustainable approach is truly an outlier, even in eco-conscious Costa Rica. It’s part of what sets Tamarindo Park apart. 

The Tamarindo Park Foundation

The Tamarindo Park Foundation

Not just sustainable, but also regenerative: Tamarindo Park not only strives to sustain what is already good, but to restore and regenerate, as well. 

In a world where it’s not uncommon for gated communities in Tamarindo, Costa Rica – and everywhere, for that matter – to occupy every spare square foot of available acreage, Tamarindo Park chose something radically different: They formed the Tamarindo Park Foundation to preserve, protect, and promise a greener tomorrow.  

Instead of developing every inch of property, Tamarindo Park designated 75% of its landscapes to remain preserved and undisturbed. Purpose over profit. It’s easy when your heart’s in the right place. 

Just 25% of Tamarindo Park’s total acreage will ever be developed – and by 25%, they mean all homes, commercial spaces, roads, and other buildings – while the remainder will be designated as a sanctuary for native flora and fauna and a refuge for biodiversity, where you can explore, wander, and appreciate Costa Rica’s beauty. 

Meet the Architect: Richard Müller

Meet the Architect Richard Müller

Architecture is more than the building blocks or even the aesthetics of a home. And at Tamarindo Park, tropical modern architecture, as the architect behind it, is central to what it means to live here

Meet Richard Müller Castro, the renowned architect of Tamarindo Park. Together with his company, RM Architecture – a highly-esteemed architectural firm whose portfolio crosses the width and breadth of Costa Rica’s most impressive gated communities – Müller’s master planning has built the blueprint not just for Tamarindo Park’s homes, but for an entire lifestyle.

“If we can cut zero trees, we cut zero trees. We touch as little as possible of nature.” This is how Müller describes his approach to sustainable living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica: Be humble. Embrace elegance. And stretch your creativity to create a home that remembers that the land was here first. Seek harmony with your environment and create as little disruption as possible.

At Tamarindo Park, Müller’s architectural genius is on display in every corner. The cornerstones of his approach to contemporary modern architecture include:

  • Extensive Use of Glass: Large glass panels open up panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, allow natural light to flood the interiors, and seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Organic Materials: Incorporating materials such as teak wood, processed bamboo, and cultured stones is a prevalent choice, lending a warm and earthy ambiance to Tamarindo Park’s homes.
  • Stilts: Many homes at Tamarindo Park are elevated, to provide benefits such as pest reduction, improved air circulation, and minimized impact on the terrain. Stilts also allow animals to freely roam underneath without the need for extensive excavation.
  • Insect-Resistant Materials: Recognizing the challenges posed by humidity and insects, the foundations of homes incorporate steel and concrete. Additionally, any wood featured in the home is treated with insecticide to ensure durability and protection.
  • Natural Ventilation: Ample airflow is a key feature in Tamarindo Park homes, to reduce energy consumption. Müller’s designs incorporate high ceilings, open floorplans, cross-ventilation openings, and the use of screens and fans.
  • Smaller Infinity-Edge Pools: Elevated homes often feature smaller pools, facilitating stunning infinity-edge designs that harmonize with the surrounding landscape.
  • Sustainable Concepts: These may include features like rainwater harvesting for landscaping, greywater reuse for toilets, and the use of solar energy for electricity and hot water.
  • Protection from Elements: Recognizing the impact of heavy downpours in lush tropical environments, Müller’s designs incorporate protective measures such as large roof overhangs, covered outdoor areas, gutters, and downspouts.
  • Clean Architectural Lines: Achieving a contemporary and uncluttered aesthetic, modern tropical homes at Tamarindo Park display clean lines that create a sense of both simplicity and sophistication.

Amenities Without Compare

Tamarindo Park amenities beach club

Tamarindo Park is a luxury sustainable community: one that seeks to prove you can have it all and give up nothing, while still honoring Mother Nature and preserving what you hold dear. 

In addition to the Tamarindo Park Foundation and nature preserve, on top of living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, as a resident of Tamarindo Park, you’ll also have access to unparalleled, year-round, upscale amenities designed for an active lifestyle. These include:  

  • 24/7 Gated Security
  • Tamarindo Park Beach Club (coming soon, see below – this is unmatched!
  • Club House (coming soon)
  • Paddle Tennis / Pickleball 
  • Hiking & Biking Trails
  • Commercial Spaces (coming soon)

While all of the community’s amenities are outstanding, the Beach Club can absolutely be considered a standout, almost without compare.  

Still under development as of early 2024, the Tamarindo Park Beach Club will measure nearly 60,000 square feet (5,500 square meters) and will encompass a gym, a spa, multiple restaurants, live events music (with DJs in residence), a dog park, and oceanside swimming pools, including the largest resort pool in the Tamarindo area and a children’s pool. 

Tamarindo Park Real Estate

Tamarindo Park Real Estate

Tamarindo Park’s first phase of construction is already well underway: Located at the community’s entrance, Hilltop Village appropriately perches on a hilltop overlooking spectacular ocean views to the Pacific and Las Baulas National Marine Park.

Purchasing at Tamarindo Park begins with choosing your homesite at Hilltop Village – each, carefully selected to align with a model home that respects the landscape. From there, you will not only customize your model home, but will also work with the team to landscape for biodiversity. Because living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica should also mean that hummingbirds, parrots, and even monkeys are part of your everyday.

Currently, Tamarindo Park offers a range of architectural models, which include 4-bedroom homes, 5-bedroom homes, 6-bedroom homes, 7-bedroom homes, and select ocean-view homes, which start at 5 bedrooms.  

For all current architectural models and available homes, please visit our Tamarindo Park development page and scroll to our featured Tamarindo Park real estate and homes for sale.


Tamarindo Park Gated Community


Interested in Living at Tamarindo Park?

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