One of the perks of owning a travel firm is I get to do ‘inspections’ as we in the travel industry call them. Rio Perdido was a newer spot brought to my attention that I just had to visit. So, we set out and did just that.

Rio Perdido, or its English translation, the “Lost River” is just that. A little gem located outside the small town of Bagaces in Guanacaste. Approximately a two-hour drive from our home base in the Tamarindo beach area, it’s easily doable as a day trip.

The area itself is absolutely amazing, private-feeling and offers 5-star customer service, spa services, zip-lining, mountain biking, great restaurant, and of course, the thermal springs of Rio Perdido. In December, Rio Perdido will be opening a hotel on its grounds (which during our recent visit looked rather amazing and I look forward to going back when it’s complete!).

Our day of adventure consisted of zip-lining, lunch, spa treatment and a mild hike down to Rio Perdido. The zip-line was unique in that it was the first zip line I had gone on that was made of carbon cables, so you don’t get that vibration and ‘buzzing’ sound you would on a typical zip line.

The ‘canyon’ adventure as they call it consists of the following:

  • 15 platforms: 6 of them are rock-based, 9 are suspended on the canyon walls
  • A pendulum cable
  • A 50ft “Tarzan swing”
  • A 90ft challenge bridge
  • 5 zip lines with lengths varying from 260 to over 800ft

After the zip line, we had a fabulous lunch. I chose to have a ribeye steak, served with veggies and potatoes, soup, natural passion fruit drink and the dessert was flan. The lunch was not the typical buffet at you’ll see at most day tours in the country.

I have to give a huge thumbs up to the lunch, which in my opinion, is the best of any ‘day tour’ I’ve done in Costa Rica. Hats off to the chef at Rio Perdido. Their staff is well trained, friendly and extremely on top of things.

After lunch, we received an amazing massage from the massage therapists at the Spa. Once finally relaxed, we headed on a short hike to the river. The paths are pretty easy as there are concrete stairs cut out to make getting up and down easy in any weather condition.

The rivers naturally flow cool and hot water depending on which you go to. Full of minerals, the thermal springs are a place to go to escape, unwind and distress!

There are more things to do at Rio Perdido which we simply did not have the time to do, such as mountain biking and yoga. I would highly recommend checking out this amazing spot when your travels take you to Guanacaste!