HGTV House Hunters International featuring Playa Flamingo to air September 7 by Becky Clower

House Hunters International has again set its sights on Costa Rica.

This time, the popular HGTV show elected to focus on not only the beaches of northwest Guanacaste including Playa Flamingo, Playa Potrero but also as far north as the small village of Currubande near Rincon de La Vieja volcano!

Recently Costa Rica has gained popularity as a travel and real estate investment destination, being featured on many shows on HGTV and the Travel Channel in the USA, Canada and beyond. Filming for House Hunters recently wrapped up last April with New York based film crew with Leopard Films Inc. The crew were incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with!

House Hunters International takes viewers on a tour of international real estate shopping with buyers and their real estate agent.

I had the pleasure of taking my clients, the Owens family from Oklahoma, on a wild tour that took them through several beach areas to see condos and even a country home near Rincon de la Vieja volcano, some 90 minutes away from the beach. Ultimately the Owens have to decide if their budget of $200,000 will get them everything they want.

And if not, will they be willing to forego some of their wants to make their dream realistic? Among the properties shown are an oceanfront condo in Potrero, an ocean view condo in Flamingo and a single family country home in Currubande, near Rincon de la Vieja volcano. Tune in to see this great episode Monday, September 7th at 10:30 PM EST on HGTV USA!