Internationally Accredited Health Care comes to Guanacaste by Becky Clower

Guanacaste is prepared to turn a major corner this spring with the addition of internationally accredited health care in the region. Specifically CIMA Hospital plans a soft opening this spring with ten beds as a precursor to the 160 million dollar project that is planned at the site. The concept is driven by Medical Tourism but will benefit the entire region. The plans call for a hospital and medical center along with a retirement living community, hotel, golf course and all the amenities needed for retirees or medical traveler. Being a stones throw from the ever expanding Liberia International airport lends to a marvelous and growing synergy to the entire region.

As mentioned this infrastructure is specifically designed to capture the growing medical travel market but the ancillary benefits are a game changer for the region. Specifically Guanacaste has always been a tourism driven economy. With this new infrastructural development the region will see more retirees and people choosing to live their lives abroad.

This is the missing piece of the puzzle here. Guanacaste has excellent American accredited and bilingual schools popping up all around in the region but the key missing component for people wishing to move here on a permanent or semi-permanent basis has always been access to quality health care. This is exciting news for our region!

The icing on the cake is that a second project of equal scope is planned by a group led by Hospital Clinica Biblica and the capital group responsible for the Do It center almost across the street from the CIMA project. Spokepeople at the Sun Ranch Valley and Grupo Do It say that the project is in the final planning stages but is has a green light to go forward and will be a boom for the area.

The opening of CIMA Guanacaste will be a heralded event and something that long-time residents and people that have staked their economic future on this area are very excited about. Stay tuned here for more details as they happen.