Have you ever thought about your life after yachting? We mean, really considered it: the when, the where, the what’ll-it-look-like? Because, whether you’re a captain, a purser, a chief stew, or a chief officer, you will someday step off the boat and into your post-yachting life.

And, whether that life is months, years, or decades away, you’re planning to start preparing now. The biggest challenge: You have so many options, so many possibilities, and so much choice in this big, wide world that it can be hard to select a few options to research seriously.

If Costa Rica and real estate investment have ever entered into even the realm of possibility, then you are in the right place. Because we’ve done some of the work and a lot of the research on your behalf. And now, for your consideration…

Life After Yachting: What’s Your Plan?

new Flamingo marina in Costa Rica

We know – it’s easy (and incredibly fun) to spend your discretionary income in Antibes, Newport, Palma de Mallorca, Cabo, and Fort Lauderdale. The joy and the thrills of travel are a big part of why you chose this career, after all.

But someday and at some not-so-distant point, there is life after yachting. And to prepare for that day, you may want to consider saving 50% of your salary to work toward a primary home or an investment property.

As you consider all your many options, don’t forget to dream a little. Because life doesn’t end after yachting; it just takes a new path. That path can still be exciting and novel, with a touch of the glamorous.

Enter Costa Rica. Her reputation precedes her: An eco-friendly, no-army, biodiverse tropical paradise, where every day is met by sun, surf, and sand. Indeed, Costa Rica is all that but the country is also a lot more, too. Especially when it comes to expats, real estate investors, and now, even yachties, thanks to our new Flamingo Marina!

As you eye your options, consider that your Costa Rican investment property today can pave the way for your Costa Rican residency tomorrow. Here’s what you should know:

  • Investor Residency: If you plan to live abroad in the future, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a specific residency category for Costa Rica’s investors, including real estate investors. Currently (mid-2022), inversionista residency requires a minimum investment is $150K, including in property.
  • Foreigners Can Legally Own Property: Non-citizens have full ownership rights in Costa Rica.
  • We Have a Safe Investment Climate: Costa Rica is considered to have one of the region’s safest investment environments, fueled by non-citizen business and real estate rights, competitive tax rates, and other incentives.
  • And the Incentives are Set to Increase: As of mid-2022, investment and relocation incentives are set to increase. (Please reach out to us or discuss with a Costa Rican immigration lawyer, to consider current laws, whenever you’re reading this.)

Obviously, these are just the basics. There’s a lot more to know, to research, and contemplate before Costa Rica becomes a serious consideration. But, as far as future-proofing your life after yachting, Costa Rica can be a strong contender.

From Today Until Tomorrow: Earning Income from Your Costa Rican Property Investment

Las Tortugas beach aerial photo

We’re almost to the gorgeous window-shopping bit but before we get into it, there’s something you have to know. Something potentially profitable, to be precise.

At the risk of stating the obvious, Costa Rica is a popular vacation destination. And, especially post-pandemic, many travelers prefer to rent vacation homes over hotels. Enter the vacation home rental industry.

For many real estate investors, even those who plan to live in or retire to their properties in the future, short-term property rentals are a driving factor in their decision to invest. Put very simply, if you purchase the “right” home (more on that, in the next paragraph), in the right market, then your investment could pay for itself.

So, what’s the “right” kind of home? In a nutshell, it’s the kind of home that vacationers want to rent. And in Costa Rica, that often comes down to modern condos and single-family homes in sought-after travel destinations, like the north-Pacific coasts from the Nicoya Peninsula to Tamarindo to Playas del Coco.

If your personal interests extend to this type of home, then, paired with an expert vacation property manager, you could add your home to Costa Rica’s short-term rental pool and your rental income can help pay off your mortgage (note: check out these 4 financing options) and afford other expenses.

Of course, it’s more complicated than that. And we’ll probably write a full how-to guide in the future. But for now, if you’d like to discuss more in-depth (or just ask a few questions), then feel free to get in touch. We have quite the depth of experience in investment properties and vacation rental management!

What Kind of Property Suits Your Now & Future Life After Yachting?

When you start seriously volleying the idea of purchasing an investment property in Costa Rica, you start to wonder, what property should I invest in? – not only for my needs right now, but for life after yachting?

While every property and home is different, we typically group Costa Rica’s real estate into six basic property types: condos, townhomes, single-family homes, lots, commercial properties/businesses, and farmland.

We’ll save you some time: For hands-off, long-term investors who plan to rent their property short-term, the first three – condos, townhomes, and single-family homes – are your best bet.

Not only are they ready to rent, almost as soon as you sign on the dotted line, but they’re often in gated communities, which means they have built-in maintenance, rental pool management, and other advantages that’ll make your life easier.

And Now: 3 Investment Properties at 3 Different Price Points

With all of the above in mind, let’s have a look at a few properties (at a few different price points) that meet all of our above criteria:

  1. Investor Residency: These properties meet the minimum $150,000 investor residency threshold;
  2. Lifestyle: They also meet most yachties’ lifestyle requirements, from their amenities (gourmet kitchens, pools, etc.) to their locations (bustling towns with opportunities for activities, gastronomy, and nightlife);
  3. Condo or Gated Community: We’ve chosen homes that are either part of a condo/townhome community or in a gated community, as these make your life easier via HOA fees that manage general property maintenance, security, and other factors that you won’t be here to manage.
  4. Rental Potential: We’re highlighting condos, townhomes, and homes that meet the requirements of the discerning travelers you’d want to attract; and
  5. Property Management: These homes are the kind of property that rental pools and vacation rental managers want to represent.

Please note that area real estate is selling fast so, while these homes have likely sold by the time you’re reading this, they will hopefully provide an accurate picture of our real estate and investment climate. And now, without further ado, three homes to represent each of these property types, as well as three varying price points:

Townhome: Jacarandas Condominiums (Pre-Sale)

Tamarindo | 3 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | 1,615 sq. ft. | $325,000

Jacarandas Condominiums Tamarindo real estate investment

If you’re looking for a little more space, a solid investment, and upscale living – all, just 5 minutes to the hotspot of Tamarindo – then this is the kind of deal you’d want to get in on.

Open for presale – sales will reopen in July 2023 – Jacarandas Condominiums blend the quiet of the countryside with one of the best locations in the north Pacific. And this price can’t be beat, when you consider the townhome’s amenities, which include granite counters, a private patio and balcony, and parking and storage.

Top-level community amenities also include 24-hour security, an infinity-edge pool, hot tub/spa, children’s playground, BBQ area, and access to Rancho Villa Real’s community hiking and biking trails.

Condo: Naxos 2

Playa Langosta | 2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | 1,630 sq. ft. | $450,000

Nexos 2 condo for yachties real estate investment

If you seek all the bells and whistles, then welcome to Nexos 2, a luxury condominium just one block from the beach. And oh, what a beach it is!

Set within the upscale community of Tamarindo / Playa Langosta, this striking home sits against the backdrop of turquoise Pacific and sun-bleached white sands. You’ll love the home’s chef’s-ready kitchen, luxury baths, an underground parking space, and other in-unit amenities.

Outdoors, you’ll also adore the community’s amenities, which extend to 24-hour security, a resort pool with waterfall, a poolside BBQ and an outdoor kitchen, and more.

Single-Family Home: The Enclave at Playa Avellanas

Playa Avellanas | 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom villas | From $425,000 to $675,000

The Enclave At Avellanas

This is an interesting one to share, as it’s a new gated community with multiple opportunities for investment.

Comprised of just 51 luxury villas, the Enclave at Avellanas offers 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom villa models – each, a promise of the lifestyle you dream of. We’re talking life beneath towering tropical trees, exclusive amenities, and life in one of the world’s few Blue Zones, where people live longer.

And speaking of those amenities, the Enclave at Avellanas promises nine swimming pools and eight hot tubs, plus a spectacular yoga pavilion, playground, and more. And it’s all just a short walk to world-class surfing at Avellanas Beach!

Costa Rica Investment Properties: What’s Available Now?

Wondering what’s available, right now and at your price point? We invite you to peruse our condo listings, gated communities listings, and general Costa Rica property listings, which you can filter by location, sort by price, and refine via other factors.

That said, the best way to narrow in on what might work for you – and by that, we don’t just mean your budget but also your lifestyle, your goals, and your future life after yachting – is to get in touch.

Because finding the right fit is not an easy task. At Blue Water Properties of Costa Ricawe’re here to help. To discuss, to advise, and to advocate on your behalf. We’ll send you the properties that fit your budget. We’ll recommend excellent residency and property managers. We’ll even put the word out on that uncommon gem you’re after (but that hasn’t yet hit the market).

Along the way, we’ll help you explore all the many possibilities, joys, and roads to investment and life in paradise. That’s what we do. We thrive on relationships. We crave connection. And our goal is never to “sell a home;” it’s to fulfill dreams. It’s to make people happy. It’s to help you. Genuinely help.

We promise the fastest communication and best services in the industry. We will work to deliver on your dream. We will never pressure you. And we really do hope we’ll become friends along the way.

We’re proud to offer some of the best Costa Rica real estate, from condos and homes to land and businesses for sale. So, go ahead – try us. Give us a chance to show off our expertise – and wow you with the possibilities! We look forward to it.