We are so grateful to be living in Costa Rica. Did you know that every year, during this season of thankfulness and giving, Blue Water Properties builds a home for a family in need? The program was once known as #aHomeForSilvia, our first home recipient, but has since grown to benefit several families in our community.

In 2021, we built a home for Maria and her four children. And now, we are honored to introduce our 2022 recipients, Crisela and her three children, including her infant son. We cannot wait for Crisela and her family to spend the holidays in their new home!

Now our annual tradition, this has become an incredibly important and fulfilling part of our holiday season. Because at Blue Water Properties, we may come from around the world but here, we are one community. And we love our community. We are proud and thankful to call Costa Rica and Guanacaste home.

And now, we’d like to invite you to be a part of this season of thanks and holiday tradition. You can help Crisela and her children via Blue Water Property’s GoFundMe, which directly contributes to our home-building project.

Meet Crisela and Her Children

Meet Crisela and Her Children

Hi, I’m Becky. From all of us at Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, I’d like to invite you to join us in our now-annual tradition of giving back.

Hi, I’m Rebecca Clower, owner and broker at Blue Water Properties. I’ve been living in Costa Rica for nearly two decades, and I have the honor of knowing Crisela. Now, I’d like to introduce her to you, my BWP family.

Crisela and her family – three children, including an infant – lives in the village of Lajas. She is incredibly hard-working and holds a full-time job, in addition to her responsibilities as a mother and head of the household.

Unfortunately, Crisela’s salary doesn’t cover her family’s expenses. Crisela often does not have enough food to feed her children. The four of them are no strangers to going to sleep hungry.

And, while she has fought many battles to have the makeshift home they live in now, it’s not enough; Crisela’s family lives in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, since their house is crafted from metal sheathing.

What’s more, they have just one bedroom and bathroom, and only one window. There are holes throughout their home, which allow rats, snakes, and bugs to make their way inside.

We are so honored to give Crisela and her family the Christmas present that they have so long desired: a safe and decent new home, where they can welcome the holiday season with hope and not despair.

We can all help Crisela and her family have a new home and renewed faith in life.

Meet Crisela and Her Children 2

What You Can Do:

Please, help us spread the word! Share our GoFundMe on your socials, via email, and in person.

We also ask, if you have it in your heart and abilities, that you donate to Crisela’s home construction. Every bit makes a real difference!

What you can do help Costa Rica

Please help us reach our $25,000 goal! At Blue Water Properties, we’re working to get Crisela and her family into their new home for the holidays. They are very excited!

How Else Do We Give Back?

As a company and as individuals, at Blue Water Properties, we are dedicated to giving back. This is a significant aspect of our company culture but also our hearts; we truly believe in nurturing our community, and we literally put our backs into it, throughout the year.

Living in Costa Rica means something to us. Together and alone, we work to contribute to, to nurture, and to better this place we all call home. And we know – we truly believe – that money doesn’t have a whole lot of meaning if we can’t use it to do good things in this world.

So, every year, all year long, we put our time and our money behind our hearts and our mouths. We volunteer, we donate, and we support. And we wanted to share our efforts with you, our Blue Water family and global community.


CEPIA Costa Rica Blue Water Properties

CEPIA Costa Rica is a community organization that supports our region’s families and children through everything from after-school programs and professional training to early intervention center and psychological and holistic health services.

If CEPIA were a book, its back cover would say that it is a Costa Rican-accredited, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Guanacaste’s underprivileged.

In practice, CEPIA is so much more than that: For nearly two decades, this community organization has worked to provide educational and labor opportunitiesimprove physical and mental health, and promote cultural and social cohesion for our province’s children, teenagers, and families.

CEPIA supports our region’s children, youth, women, and families, through daycare services, after-school programs, an early intervention center, youth group, psychological and holistic health services, professional training, a Women’s Empowerment Program, and other forms of service and aid.

Blue Water Properties is a proud sponsor of CEPIA’s Daycare Center, which serves several dozen children (aged 2-6) from low-income families. Our donations help these children to receive care and a preschool education, while their mothers pursue either work or study opportunities.

Additionally, we now support several women small business owners. Our donations help provide them with business capital to fund improvements and support their businesses.

Other Charitable Organizations

We are also regular donors to a number of charitable organizations and have provided both financial and hands-on help to over 20 community projects.

Because we believe that bilingual and bicultural education is the key to a meaningful and successful life, we are proud to support the La Paz School’s scholarship program. We are also supporters of many other organizations, including local fútbol/soccer associations, EBAIS (local clinics), Abriendo Mentes, and ADI Tamarindo.

Other Charitable Orgs Blue Water Properties

Personal Projects

While we donate our time, energy, and funds to several Blue Water Properties community efforts, many of us also work on our own projects. From volunteering our time to cleaning up the beach, we also find joy and fulfillment in seeking our own volunteer efforts, social responsibility, and community projects.

Living in Costa Rica? Want to Help?

Living in Costa Rica charity work

Chalk it up to November, but we really are thankful to call Costa Rica and Guanacaste home. This is an incredible place to call our own: a whole new world of possibilities to see, experience, and explore – and reason after reason to be grateful for life and community.

If you already live here, we’re happy to help point you in the direction of how you can help. And if you don’t live here yet, we’re here to help you get from today to tomorrow – from dreams to setting down roots in paradise.

At Blue Water Properties, we really are happy to help you in any way we can. Whether you’re looking into the cost of living, lifestyle, or area schools or already live here and want to branch out to volunteering or community support, we can share our experiences and help you plot your own.

As a company and as people, we thrive on relationships and promise the fastest communication and best services in the industry. And that begins with lots of information. We are happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction, even if you’re only in the beginning phases of planning your future move.

We’re proud to offer some of the best Costa Rica real estate, from condos and homes to land and businesses for sale. So, go ahead – try us. Give us a chance to show off our expertise – and wow you with the possibilities! We look forward to it.