In 2021, we were proud to transition Blue Water Vacation Rentals to new ownership. Please visit them at Blue Zone Experience.

At Blue Water Vacation Rentals, we’re proudly obsessed with quality – with creating the very best experience at our luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica. And that’s what makes us the absolute best at what we do: We believe in full truths and fast response times, collaboration and best-in-class services – in having our hearts in the right place, every time. And we don’t stop until we’ve done our absolute best. 

But at Blue Water, we don’t work to convince you: Our work is convincing. With every email, every phone call, every reservation, our professionalism, kindness, and honesty help you feel confident in our value and secure in your reservation. 

Our service promise comes down to five major factors: 

Your Experience

At Blue Water, we’ve worked for more than a decade to build a national reputation for 5-star service. It’s more than quick response times, more than repeat guest discounts, more even than our exceptional inventory of luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica: it’s you

You, our guests, are the reason we take the time to fancy-fold origami towels and craft welcome baskets, stock our vacation homes with the essentials and stay in touch before, during, and after your visit. You’re the reason we do what we do and so, your experience resides at the very core of what we do. Tell us how we can make your trip better, and we’ll move heaven and earth to make it happen.

We make it our mission to re-earn our reputation, with every vacation home reservation we book. Including yours.


We aren’t satisfied to be the best at what we do; we also want to offer the greatest values

That doesn’t mean we’re the cheapest. What is does mean is that we offer the best balance of cost vs. amenities, location, and service. Because we don’t settle for less than excellent, across the board. And as for cost – well, we pride ourselves on offering very competitive rates, often paired with generous discounts. (Especially for our repeat guests!)

Fast Response Time

We’ve all been there: You accidentally locked yourself out of your vacation rental or your dryer wasn’t working at 8 p.m. on a Friday. You didn’t want to wait until Monday morning for service – but you had to. At Blue Water, you won’t. We employ our own maintenance team and our phones are on 24/7, so if you have an 11 p.m. emergency, we’ll have you covered.

Quality + Excellence

An extraordinary experience begins with an extraordinary inventory. We are very selective about our luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica. We don’t represent just any home, but the best homes: Homes that offer superb amenities, like Pacific Ocean views and infinity pools, private terraces and chef’s kitchens. From modest spaces to palatial mansions, we have curated the most updated, most well-maintained, and best homes in the area. And then, we add complimentary amenities you’d normally pay for, like beach umbrellas and chairs. 

And to that, we add the Blue Water touch: Property management that’s on your side, always. That means we start by asking the right questions. We listen to you. And we’ll send you all the information, quickly and exactly as requested. 

Honesty + Integrity

We know – “honesty” and “integrity” are promises parroted by many businesses. The difference is that at Blue Water, we actually mean them. 

We’ve carefully curated a team rooted in heart. We’re honest because we care. Honesty is the ribbon that runs throughout our entire group. We’ll tell you the hard truths and the you-were-hoping-for-something-else truths, because we know that starting with the whole truth leads to happier, more fulfilled travelers.

Lasting Relationships

We don’t just accept your reservation and then never speak to you again: We follow up. We ask if there’s anything you need – before, during, and after your stay. Because we want you to love Costa Rica. And we hope you’ll return. 

Luxury Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica: Included in Your Reservation

Blue Water luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica

We know – that was a lot of promise without a lot of hard detail. So, here are a few of the details: 

Touchless/Contactless Check-In

It’s 2021: We know you don’t want to meet face-to-face – and that you want even less wait outside some random store (that was hard to find) for the once-requisite vacation-home key hand-off. At Blue Water, almost all of our vacation rentals offer touchless check-in, so your first stop after the airport is home-sweet-away-from-home.

Included Amenities

We make it our job to sweat the big and small stuff, so you don’t have to. After all, we know that your packing space is limited: You don’t have room (and don’t want to try to make room) for pool floaties and beach umbrellas, kitchen essentials and beach towels.

So, we handle it for you. Our rentals include a welcome basket with snacks and coffee, coffee filters, creamer, tea, sugar, basic spices, cooking oil, shampoo/soaps, and more. Our luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica are FULLY stocked with other bonus items for your personal use such as beach towels, beach chairs, a beach umbrella, boogie boards, snorkel gear, beach toys, yoga mats, and more.

We Do Discounts

And we’re not afraid to say it out loud! On top of our very competitive rates, we also offer last-minute and repeat-client discounts, as well as discounts on weekly rentals. All you have to do is ask!  

And We Do Details

We know that the little details can make a big difference. That’s why we take the time to craft welcome baskets, get you stocked with the essentials, fancy-fold our origami towels, and even follow up with you throughout your trip. We sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to.

We Also Do Concierge Services

Blue Water Adventures catamaran sailing tours

Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced vacation-planning stress. ✋

At Blue Water Vacation Rentals, our concierge handles all the big and little details, from your airport transportation and trip logistics to planning that super-special family outing and dinner with a private chef. We’ll also be there if you come across any of the aforementioned vacation stressors, like accidentally locking yourself out or missing your catamaran cruise reservation. 

And, did we mention, our travel concierge services are completely free for our guests. Welcome to your first no-stress vacation.

But as we said, we sweat the small and big stuff. And that means that, while we have you covered for all the little things that might happen, we also see the big picture. Because Blue Water Vacation Rentals is also Blue Water Adventures – our local, boots-on-the-ground travel agency and resident workers of magic. If you dream it, our travel concierges can make it happen.

That’s because we’re bilingual, bicultural, and long-term residents, which means we’ve explored Guanacaste from top to bottom, scouring every corner for the best of the best. We’ve made it our mission to go off the beaten path, while beating a bit of trail – just enough to take you there with us. 

And here’s why that all makes a difference: 

  •     You Can’t Beat Our Quality: Yes, it’s a theme at Blue Water. And it’s just as important when it comes to our travel concierge services. Because we don’t cut corners, ever. And we settle for nothing less than the best tours, adventures, and journeys out there. 
  •     We’re Fully Permitted: Our tours are fully permitted, our guides are fully insured, and we do everything above board and by the book. Because you, our travelers, deserve this level of accountability. 
  •     Our Rates Are Very Competitive: We believe in pairing the highest quality with the best value. So, we offer very competitive rates with discounts for both groups and kids. 
  •     We’ll Take You Where Others Won’t: We own our own vans and employ dedicated drivers, which means we have a lot more flexibility when it comes to what we offer. Let’s put it this way: We don’t have to take you to the same waterfall, the same zip line, the same sportfishing spot as everyone else. Together, we’ll forge a more authentic, more personalized path down the road less traveled. 
  •     Our Bilingual Guides Have Serious Experience: Our expert guides not only know their stuff (they’ve been at it for years), but they’re also trained to have your back, in every eventuality. 

Tell Us About Your Next Vacation

So now, you know a lot about us. You know that we’re more than a little obsessed with quality. You know we’ll be honest with you, always. You know we’ll recommend only the tours, travels, and luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica that suit your needs and desires. 

And now, we’d like to know a little about you. Please, get in touch. By now, you know – we’re sticklers for responding within 24 hours. Yes, even if you’re reading this post into the wee hours; we’ll respond within the day! We can’t wait.

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