Murals-Help You Sell More
By Ian McPearson

In the market, today there is so much variety it is many times hard to decide where you want to spend your time and hard-earned money on services or goods. So now businesses have to try harder either by way of price point or advertising to try and draw in clientele to be successful. These are some of the ways businesses use to draw people in, but you don’t want it to be a one-time visit it will be best if you can get repeating customers to frequent your place of business. One way to do this is to create a space that people want to relax in and feel welcomed and would bring their friends to enjoy as well. We have helped many clients do this through the use of murals. Murals can capture your audience if they are on the exterior to pull peoples focus on your space and they can also be used on the interior to keep people there longer which typically turns into more dollars spent at your business sounds good right!

Murals also help define who you are as a business and what you want people to see as a characteristic of your mission. Many people choose to have their logo as a focus point which is very important in branding your company and putting yourself on the map in your area. Others choose to create a feeling of tranquility with the usage of murals to give people a sense of calm. Have you ever noticed how certain lobbies or areas are very comfortable and relaxing while others may not have a feeling at all? These are design elements that are many times overlooked but could cost you in the long run. Space design is very important for all places of business and that is why there is a whole field dedicated to business interior design.

If you are a new business and trying to get your name recognized and get a bit grounded in your community a great way is become the place people talk about, and people love to talk about art. People are deeply connected through art even if they don’t realize it at first, it gives us all a specific feeling depending on your mood and your surroundings. Using murals to play on emotion is a great way to create a draw of attention to you.  Also, if you are an established business and looking to sell it is a great way to freshen up the space and bring new life. Murals have an amazing way to grab people and create feelings in a subtle way. These feelings can be turned into dollars for you in the selling of that business for a higher price. I don’t know anyone who would argue selling at a higher price than you could have previously is a wrong choice.

Take your business to the next level whether you are newly established or have been in business for years with the use of murals. Give your customers something to talk about and want to share with others. You will also notice lots of people will love to take a picture in front of your mural and blast it on their social media which will also bring you more customers and most importantly help you sell more.

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