Have you ever dreamed of owning your very own slice of a tropical paradise? What if I told you that dream you have, could be closer than you think? That there is a place offering beautiful and affordable housing within one of the most stunningly untouched and glorious locations on this planet? That you could enjoy a very reasonable cost of living, fabulous culture and fun activities and at the end of the day put your feet up and enjoy the magnificence that is the view from your very own house, right on the beach? That there is no catch? All you need to do to discover this piece of heaven right here on earth is keep reading, and be amazed.


Guanacaste, the Gold Coast of Costa Rica, is one of the most magnificent places on earth. The province is located within the north-western portion of the country, overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The white, sandy beaches are a joy to behold and walk upon, and you could be forgiven for thinking you are staring at a postcard instead of real-life when you find yourself in this stunning part of the world. The Gold Coast enjoys a small population, making it feel even more pristine and untouched and contributing to a quiet and peaceful atmosphere that makes one permanently feel as if they are on holiday.


The climate in this area is unique for Costa Rica, being one of the very few locations that experience little rainfall. November to April is the hottest and driest months, with the wet season occurring from May to November. But even during its “wet season,” Guanacaste receives far less overall rainfall than the rest of the country. The easternmost part of the region does tend to get more rain, as one draws closer to Arenal, the climate becomes noticeably wetter. However, the rest of the province remains mainly untouched by this. The forest is tropical and dry and borders the beach, offset by a string of green volcanoes of the Cordillera de Guanacaste and Cordillera de Tilaran. The rivers flowing through the region lead to wetlands, and to the west, you’ll find the Peninsula de Nicoya. Guanacaste overall tends to be slightly warmer than the rest of Costa Rica and is a popular tourist destination, especially amongst Americans who flock here to escape the chill of winter with regularity.


The area has no shortage of attractions, which are consistently popular amongst tourists and locals alike. National parks, volcanoes, both active and dormant, majestic mountain ranges, lush, green jungles, the cornucopia of wildlife, and vibrant, active culture are all features of this incredible part of the world and need to be experienced to be believed. You will never run short of things to do and see. But the biggest drawcard to Guanacaste is without question, its beaches. Playa Blanca is the perfect relaxation spot, enjoying calm, soothing waters and Playa Hermosa attracts the more active beachgoer, offering surfing, snorkeling, and diving. Whether your lifestyle is one of chilling or adventure, Guanacaste can provide you with everything you need for the perfect place to live, buy a vacation home, or even purchase an investment property.


Living on the Costa Rican Gold Coast offers many obvious benefits, but the less obvious ones are the cost of living. Estimates place this at roughly less than half of living a comparable lifestyle in the US, with the added benefits of less pollution, better weather and a more relaxed atmosphere all round. The most significant cost of relocating anywhere is the purchase of a home itself or rent if you do not wish to buy a residence. The good news is that housing prices in Costa Rica are generally far lower than comparative residences in the US, the bad news, is that if you want a magnificently appointed beach-front mansion, you will, as expected, need to pay top dollar.


Guanacaste is famous for its multi-million-dollar properties, which enjoy the panoramic views of the ocean and lush jungle, breathtaking sunsets and immeasurable beauty the region has to offer. It is a universal truth of all real estate markets that you will pay considerably more for a property with a view and Costa Rica is no exception. If you are a buyer or investor with a large amount of money to spend, you will not be disappointed by the offerings of this area. Even though the pricier properties will set you back millions, they are still far more affordable than similar properties in the US. And arguably, no home in the US has anything close to the gorgeous views that Guanacaste can give you.


Renters will, of course, be able to enjoy these kinds of properties for far less (when they are available of course), with investors often snapping up these luxury homes to rent them out to vacation goers, or those that want to enjoy the high-end lifestyle on a temporary basis and smaller budget. Guanacaste is a haven for investors. Most financial advisors would tell you that any investment in real estate is a solid one to make, but particularly, investing in this region is a sure bet for ongoing and reliable returns.


This part of the world always attracts tourists, year-round from all over the globe. And tourists will always need somewhere to stay. A quick glance at available hotels and properties in the area, will reveal that there is often a negligible difference between staying in a hotel and choosing to rent a home for your stay. Especially in the case of vacationers traveling in larger groups; these are the ones that will likely prefer to rent a house for their holiday, for added convenience and privacy. And the larger the group gets, the greater the chance that paying for a house for their trip, will work out cheaper than a hotel. This is an important fact for the savvy investor to keep in mind, noting that most vacation hot spots will only earn you returns at certain times of the year, and you can expect to run your investment at a loss the rest of the time. This is not so with Costa Rica, and especially not with Guanacaste.


But not all properties on the Costa Rican Gold Coast are expensive mansions. In truth, the average house price for this area is closer to around $655,000. Now, this may still sound high, but one needs to factor in that the presence of even a few multi-million-dollar mansions massively drives up the overall average price of an area. It is possible to purchase a two to three-bedroom residence for far less than a comparable home in the US. Just as this fact is true for the stately manors of Guanacaste, so it holds for the more modest dwellings on offer. Any search of a local real estate website will prove this, with houses and apartments available within all price ranges.

Another very affordable option for property in this area is time-share. It is possible to purchase a vacation home with others and spend your vacations here on an agreed upon schedule. This can save you an absolute fortune if it is an option you wish to pursue. One common drawback of timeshare arrangements with holiday properties, is people wishing to use them at the same time, due to certain destinations having better weather, or more attractive activities only at certain times of the year. Some vacation spots around the world are even totally inaccessible or miserable at certain times of the year due to weather conditions, leaving timeshares and other vacation homes empty and unused. But Costa Rica does not have this problem, enjoying fabulous weather all year round. Even during its wet seasons, the weather is warm and pleasant, with the rain feeling more like an enjoyable relief than an inconvenience. And some of the country’s most lavish scenery manages to look even more beautiful bathed in pouring rain. As mentioned earlier, Guanacaste enjoys a drier climate than the rest of the country, so even those vacationers deterred by rain, can still enjoy the area all year round. This makes Costa Rica, and especially its Gold Coast, especially ideal for a timeshare property arrangement, as it can be fully enjoyed no matter the season.

Whether you want to buy a place to live, purchase an investment property, or rent, Guanacaste is the ideal place to look. With properties available for all kinds of budgets and lifestyles, you are guaranteed to find something that will suit your needs perfectly. Costa Rica’s Gold Coast is a truly magical place, filled with ecological diversity, enjoyable activities, and sightseeing for people of all ages and physical ability, with charming locals and some of the most stunning scenery one could ever hope to experience. So, what are you waiting for? Find your perfect Costa Rica Gold Coast property today and start making your dreams a reality.

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