Thinking about relocating to Costa Rica? On behalf of Blue Water Properties and myself (hi!), I’m so excited to introduce our new relocation department and, the online home of our owner, broker, and in-house relocation expert. Meet your #1 advocate and cheerleader, ready to tell the whole truths, the hard truths, and the beautiful truths about life in paradise.

Meet Becky Clower, Costa Rica Relocation Specialist

Meet Becky Clower

Hi, I’m Rebecca Clower. My friends call me Becky and I hope you will, too.

If we back up to the beginning of this, my story begins many years ago: I’m a Costa Rica-U.S. dual citizen, raised in the U.S. And, while I spent my formative years outside of Costa Rica, I’ve always had one foot in the U.S. and the other here in Costa Rica.

Many years ago, as a first-time homeowner in Florida, I fell in love with real estate. Young and hungry, I got my license and dove right into real estate sales, house flipping, and new construction. As much as I loved Tampa, life eventually guided me back to Costa Rica – to the place where I had l long come to relax, slow down, and relish life.

Here in Costa Rica, I quickly transitioned into real estate in paradise. For a year, I earned my local agent credentials at someone else’s brokerage. But then, I got pregnant with my first son and, whether it was ambition or nesting instinct, or a vision for the future, I relied that I wanted to run my own brokerage.

And that’s how both my first son and Blue Water Properties were born.

Costa Rica Relocation: A Natural Transition

advice on relocating to Costa Rica

Blue Water Properties is so much more than a real estate company or brokerage: With BWP, I sought to create a space that my community truly needed. We do something no one else does.

And through BWP, I learned that as much as I love real estate, a lot of what I love about it comes down to what I’ve realized is my calling: helping people. I am never happier or more satisfied than when I can make a difference in someone’s life. And that’s how my real estate business naturally transitioned to relocation advice.

Because years ago, I was just like you: I had a million questions about moving to Costa Rica, getting legal residency, making healthcare decisions, choosing schools, and everything else involved in establishing a life here.

Over 20 years later, I’ve not only figured it out for myself but have also helped many of my friends and clients figure it out, too. And along the way, I’ve learned how much I enjoy this aspect of my job and life: Helping you fulfill your dream, relocate your life, and explore your goals in paradise – well, that’s my happy place.

Now, it’s time to find yours.

Tips & Advice on Relocating to Costa Rica

Tips and Advice relocating to Costa Rica

My goal – my purpose – is to be your #1 advocate in all things Costa Rica. In my book, that extends far beyond selling your property or finding your dream home.

I’m here to nurture your goals, your priorities, and your relocation process. Notice a theme? They’re all yours – your life and your decisions. That’s why I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all advice regarding relocating to Costa Rica.

Sure, I can write a ton of Costa Rica relocation advice, headline a YouTube channel, be featured on HGTV in the USA and Canada, and offer lots of tips on Instagram, but at the end of the day, your move is unique to you. And this is the genesis of my relocation services.

This is relocation done differently. I have no hidden agenda. No strings attached. And this is all about you. Before we get into relocation planning, we’re going to get personal – the kind of personal that is born of heart-to-hearts and conversations about the important things, the tough things, and the great things.

We’ll talk about all the Big Topics – from healthcare and lifestyle to residency and cost of living – but along the way, you’ll find it’s more about the details. It’s about asking the right questions (that’s my job) and not being afraid to tackle the hard truths or potential dealbreakers. Because Costa Rica isn’t right for everyone.

My job is to help you discover whether it’s right for you.

Relocating to Costa Rica: Services Tailored to You

Our relocation division offers packages created and customized for you:

Family Relocation

Family Relocation Costa Rica

Moving to Costa Rica as a family is in a category all its own. With children in the mix, you have a whole new layer of challenges: In addition to your standard considerations on where to live, whether to get residency, and how to plan your healthcare, you’ll have to factor in decisions on private school, future goals (including college/university), friendships, and your children’s overall adjustment.

With two kiddos myself, I have unique insight into what it’s like to successfully raise a family in Costa Rica. Sound like you? Book a Family Relocation Consultation!

Digital Nomad Relocation

Costa Rica Digital Nomads relocation

Costa Rica’s brand new, finally approved digital nomad category has opened a brand-new world to professional and, in many cases, younger expats. If you work online and earn your salary outside of Costa Rica, you may qualify for this new estancia (right-to-reside) category.

Think you might qualify for digital nomad relocation? Let’s talk about the requirements, the pros and the cons, and ifs and the whys – about all the important details, from where to live (and where to find guaranteed fast internet) to finding your niche in the temporary housing market.

Retirement Relocation

Costa Rica Retirement relocation

It’s no secret that Costa Rica is one of the world’s most popular retirement destinations. And while you likely already know that there’s a residency category tailor-made for you (pensionado residency), you have many other questions.

From living off your pension/savings/investments to figuring out the right retirement location, healthcare accessibility, and more, we’ll talk through everything you need (and want) to know about retiring in paradise. Sound like you? Book a Retirement Relocation Consultation!

Investment Relocation

Costa Rica Investment relocation advice

Investors in Costa Rica have an entirely different set of priorities: Beyond the standard considerations around how to establish a life (and now, business) in Costa Rica, you have the added pressure of choosing the right business for your lifestyle, your strengths, and your goals.

As the owner and broker of Blue Water Properties – and as an entrepreneur myself – I am here to offer both unique and first-hand insight into operating a Costa Rican business. We’re talking about everything from local tax laws and international banking to labor culture and cultural differences in business. Sound like you? Book an Investment Relocation Consultation!

Free Costa Rica Relocation Resources

Free Costa Rica Relocation resources

Over the years, my team and I have accumulated a deep pool of knowledge on moving, living in, and relocating to Costa Rica.

Every week, I publish new tips, posts, videos, and other resources across Blue Water Properties’ (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and our blog) and my own (Instagram, Facebook, and my blog) social media channels.

For Families:

For Digital Nomads:

For Retirees:

For Investors:

Want to Discuss Relocating to Costa Rica?

Discuss relocating to Costa Rica

So many people make Costa Rica a dream but not a reality. If you’re determined to be one of the lucky few, then relocation services are a sound investment.

Please, reach out. Give me a chance to earn your trust. And let’s discover what makes you feel comfortable, where you might like to settle, and what lifestyle decisions will best suit your needs and priorities.

For years, I’ve made it my job to help people just like you to make their own successful and dream-fulfilling transition to live in Costa Rica. That’s because I offer honest advice rooted in real, hard-earned expertise. I don’t sugar-coat the truth or side-step the tough stuff. I’m here to share the whole picture – not just the carefully curated, postcard-perfect bits.

I hope you’ll find that the real Costa Rica is still your Costa Rica. Download my free eBook. Reach out on socials. Sign up for updates. And look into our Costa Rica relocation services. I look forward to your getting in touch and can’t wait to get started!