From November until May, you can plan on sunny days and strong offshore winds all day long in Tamarindo.


While technically, Costa Rica is located in the Northern Hemisphere, summer starts in Guanacaste in

November. This is one of the many reasons people from North America love coming down this time of the year

when the snow begins to fall. There are really only two seasons here, wet and dry. The wet season has been

coined “green season” by the board of tourism and it really is nice except for in October when you can plan of some

heavy rains. But during the first week of November an amazing thing happens, the skies part, the angels sing

and summer arrives with a vengeance!


Yes, it’s hot! While I have never seen it break a 100 degrees here, it will sometimes hover in the 90’s. Dress accordingly.

Less is more when planning what to wear. Think flip-flops, a hat, light cotton clothes and sunscreen. A word

of advice for those of you whom have not spent a lot of time at the beach; wearing black socks with shorts will

make you look silly (Just trying to help) Summer in Guanacaste is amazing. The Papagayo winds groom the blue

pacific waters, making them perfect for ocean going activities like surfing, snorkeling, sailing and fishing. If you

like the idea of trading in your jacket for a bathing suit and spending your days in the shade of a Tamarindo tree

on a long white sand beach, this is the place for you. The length the days do not change much here. No matter

what time of the year, we pretty much have 12-hour days and we do not recognize daylight savings.


Sunset is a big deal around here. Everybody grabs his or her favorite beverage and heads down to the beach

to see the sun set into the water. It’s social hour, a place to catch up with old friends or make new ones. Bring a

camera, you will be intoxicated by the beauty, or is it the beer? Who cares?




– Bring smart shoes; flip flops, Tevas and the like. No high heels

– Use sunscreen; don’t let your vacation be ruined the first day by getting fried.

– Light clothing, casual beachwear. Think tropical…

– No black socks with shorts (trust me on this one)