Farmers markets are called “Ferias” in Costa Rica, and most towns in the country have one at least once per week. There are five in the Tamarindo area.

La Paz Feria (La Paz Farmers Market)

Check out the farmers market at La Paz Community School, now every Wednesday at 3pm under the big Guanacaste tree at La Paz’s south campus (on the road between Playa Brasilito and Playa Flamingo). Local artisans and vendors from all over Guanacaste meet here to sell fresh eggs, milk, chicken, fish, jewelry and other handmade Costa Rican products. The gatherings coincide with the La Paz circus practice, so you can also watch these extraordinarily talented kids show off their skills.

Anyone is welcome to sell their wares here, so long as you pay the small vendor fee. It’s a great place to shop, mingle and meet people – all while supporting local vendors and craftspeople. The La Paz circus arts class also practices during that time during the months of January-July, so that’s always fun to watch too.

Goods you can buy expect to buy at the feria: fresh fruit and vegetables; organic chickens and eggs; fresh fish and seafood; herbs and spices; handmade jewelry; pottery and crafts; secondhand items; clothing; swimsuits; handbags; ice cream; cookies, jams and jellies; gluten-free baked goods; homemade sauces and tortillas; moringa and quinoa products; handmade artesian soap.

Check out the Facebook page for more info:

Tamarindo Feria / Farmer’s Market


The town of Tamarindo hosts a similar fresh food and farmers market on Saturday mornings from 8am-1pm. Here you’ll find most of the same goods and vendors as you will at the La Paz market. They operate right by the beach, in front of the Alfaro bus station and next to El Pescador restaurant. There is a small fee to participate. Here is a link to their Facebook page for more info:

According to the webpage, the ADI (Tamarindo’s Association of Integral Development) recently took over the market and all funds will go to community projects working toward betterment of Tamarindo.

Villareal Feria /Farmer’s Market


Villareal’s fresh food and farmer’s market is held on Fridays, usually from about 8am to 7pm. The main focus here is on fresh fruit and vegetables, with less emphasis on baked goods and artisanal crafts. It’s located on the perimeter of the town’s soccer field, where you’ll see trucks and food bins under tents set up. You can’t miss it. This market usually offers the best deals in terms of fruits and veggies.

Portrero Feria / Farmers Market

Portero also has a fresh food market, which is held on Thursdays from 10am – 3pm in the town’s common area. Check out their Facebook page for more info.


Witches Rock Lifeguard Feria / Farmers Market

This one is relatively new, and held each Sunday from 10am – 2pm at Witches Rock Surf Camp in downtown Tamarindo. Come show your support for the town’s new lifeguard program!

Photo credits: Genna Marie of Tamarindo Family Photos