A half-century ago, when Tamarindo was still a fishing village populated by dirt roads and big dreams, a local man fell in love with a special swath of striking landscapes: rolling hills and ocean-view forest that he purchased because he couldn’t not. Fifty years later, his family carries on his legacy through the new Tamarindo Park gated community and its Tamarindo Park Foundation.

Founded as proof that you can have it all – that you can enjoy a few of life’s “good things” while still honoring your priorities and nurturing Mother Nature, Tamarindo Park demands you make no sacrifices. Have it all in this eco-community that brings together the worlds of modern architecture and biodiversity preservation – a community built within and for nature, where open spaces, tranquility, and natural abundance still reign, even at a mere 5-minute walk to the hustle and bustle.

Welcome to one of the few (and newest) gated community in Tamarindo proper. Brand new but well past the up-and-coming stage, Tamarindo Park gated community has arrive and now represents one of the greatest opportunities in Guanacaste: live surrounded by nature but walk or bike to the beach, to the store, and to some of the best lifestyle amenities on Costa Rica’s coast.

At a Glance: Tamarindo Park Gated Community

One of Tamarindo Park’s most outstanding features is its location – smack dab in the south of town and direct neighbor to Las Baulas National Marine Park.

And yet, this one-of-a-kind community is so much more than its incredible location. Let’s get started:

Location: Tamarindo (GPS coordinates: 10.293059186232284, -85.84095907950463)

Community Size: 90 acres

Price Range: $960,000-$3M+

Lifestyle: Downtown Lifestyle, Nightlife, and Active Lifestyle Enthusiasts. Lots of families, active beachgoers, and retirees.

Tamarindo Park Community Amenities

Tamarindo Park community map

Tamarindo Park is the town’s newest gated community. As the community is still so new, note that many of the community’s amenities are still under construction. Coming soon!

  • Beach Club with beach amenities, a world-class restaurant, and a full bar
  • Club House with a pool & swim-up bar, great views, and a restaurant
  • Spa-Wellness Center
  • Fitness Studio
  • Permaculture Food Forest
  • Onsite Restaurants
  • Onsite Shops
  • Onsite Municipal Park with walking paths, biking paths, and picnic tables

Renowned Architect, Richard Müller

One of the most sought-after architects in Costa Rica (and beyond), Richard Müller is the design mind behind the Tamarindo Park gated community.

For nearly 40 years, Müller has made his home and career in Costa Rica, creating stunning architectural designs that promise to “tread softly” – to celebrate modern design and the good things in life, while honoring landscapes, obeying the terrain, and always protecting Mother Earth.

Müller is the perfect fit for Tamarindo Park, a true eco-community that celebrates its surrounds as much as its lifestyle. Because both the community and its architect are dedicated to changing the surroundings as little as possible – to building homes that creatively adapt and blend harmoniously with their landscapes, while touching or changing as little as possible.

Why cut a tree down, if your architecture could hug it instead?

Tamarindo Park Gated Community Real Estate

Tamarindo Park is currently in Phase I development, The Hilltop, now with six available home models. (Including a sneak peek of Model Home G!)

Model Home A

3,911 sq ft | 3 Bedrooms | 3.5 Bathrooms | $960,000

Tamarindo Park gated community Model Home A

Spacious, serene, and friendly, Tamarindo Park’s Model Home A delivers three stories of tropical living: a ground-floor spacious garage, ideal for stowing your cars, bikes, and ATVs; a spacious first-floor living area; and a top-level separate apartment with private access.

Ideally suited to outdoor living, this lovely home embodies open design concepts, with vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glass panels that seamlessly transition from indoors to out. Inside, you’ll enjoy spacious rooms and modern styling, and outside, an expansive deck and sparkling private pool.

Model Home B

4,047 sq ft | 4-5 Bedrooms | 4.5-5.5 Bathrooms | Offered from $1.05M

Tamarind Park Model Home B

If you need extra space to spread out, Model Home B delivers a true tropical oasis that invites you to live in harmony with nature. Here, oversize windows merge indoors and out, enveloping your home and life in the wonders of the great outdoors and the spectacular tropical gardens that surround the home.

Indoors, you’ll discover a main home and a guest house, joined by a one-of-a-kind deck area – the not-so-hidden star and crowning jewel of this home. Your private waterfall feature completes the tropical paradise ambiance, inviting you to relax, lounge, and enjoy your deck and private pool.

There is also a Model Home B.02 available, offering all the features you love about Model Home B, plus additional features (including an extra bedroom). In total, Model Home B.02 offers 5-6 bedrooms and 5.5-6.5 bathrooms over 5,545-6,241 square feet. Offered from $1.35M.

Model Home C

3,842 sq ft | 4-5 Bedrooms | 4.5-5.5 Bathrooms | Offered from $990,000

Tamarindo Park gated community Model Home C

Spread out in this beautiful, two-story, modern home that unfolds over state-of-the-art spaces and abundant nature. Model Home C is designed with easy living in mind: interiors and exteriors that connect, allowing you to both maintain each room’s independence, while simultaneously keeping them integrated.

On the airy and open main floor, your eyes will forever drift to the outdoor centerpiece: an outdoor patio and sparkling pool, which invited everything from afternoon relaxation and weekend barbecues to restorative meditation and evening cocktails. Upstairs, retreat to quiet bedrooms and large glass panels that overlook stunning Tamarindo landscapes.

Model Home D

3,560 sq ft | 4-5 Bedrooms | 4.5-5.5 Bathrooms | Offered from $1.07M

Tamarindo Park Model Home D

A study in the elegance of simplicity, Model Home D is an ode to open spaces, clean lines, and contemporary styling. As soon as you cross the threshold, you’ll feel it: a modern retreat defined by floor-to-ceiling windows, poolside relaxation, and open-plan living that seamlessly meld indoors and out, sunshine and shade, activity and leisure.

One of Model Home D’s most striking features is its direct connection between the main entrance and deck – an airy openness that reminds you of the delights that await, just beyond the oversized windows. And in addition to the main home, this property also offers a separate apartment outside.

Model Home E

4,974 sq ft | 6 Bedrooms | 6.5 Bathrooms | $3.5M

Casa Cocobolo at Tamarindo Park

Our request to redefine “spectacular” has been lodged! Model Home E, also known as Casa Cocobolo, is an absolutely stunning, wonderfully striking and, yes, categorically spectacular ocean-view home with breathtaking Pacific vistas.

You’ll wonder at the home’s design, which artfully rambles over the corner homesite, creatively occupying its hillside terrain. And, indeed, this exquisite and exclusive property is a full (and successful) study in tropical architecture, executed flawlessly: Modern lines, clean architecture, and an expansive floorplan give the home an airy flow, complemented by floor-to-ceiling windows that drink in the view.

Sneak Peek: Model Home G

4,719 sq. ft. | 4 Bedrooms | 4 .5 Bathrooms | Offered from $1.95M

Tamarindo Park new Model Home G

This brand-new model option – so new, it’s not even officially listed yet (shhh!) – takes great advantage of its strategic north-facing lot to offer breathtaking Pacific Ocean views and Tamarindo and Playa Langosta panoramas.

The home’s layout was designed around just these panoramas: three of its four bedrooms have incredible ocean views, and the fourth opens onto gorgeous valley and Las Baulas National Marine Park views. Spend time with family and friends on the spacious terrace, where you can grill up a feast and relax in your private pool while enjoying those incredible Pacific vistas.

If you are interested in Model Home G, please get in touch directly, as the home is not yet publicly listed (as of this post’s publication).

The Tamarindo Park Foundation

The Tamarindo Park gated community is more than a place to live: It’s a promise. It’s a core belief that these stunning landscapes, biodiverse beaches, and regional national parks are important. Of the utmost importance, specifically.

And so, the community founded the Tamarindo Park Foundation to hold itself accountable: This is an entire community’s promise to conserve and preserve – to tread lightly, as they say.

As part of those efforts, Tamarindo Park has designated 75% of its landscapes preserved and undisturbed. That’s right: Just 25% of their total acreage will ever be developed (and that 25% includes all homes, commercial real estate, roads, and other buildings), leaving the rest of its 90 acres ripe for exploration, wandering, and nature appreciation.

Interested in Living at the Tamarindo Park Gated Community?

If you’re researching environmentally-friendly living and eco-developments and gated communities in Guanacaste, and you think Tamarindo might be a fit for your, then you’re in the right place!

At Blue Water Properties, we’re experts in Tamarindo. In fact, we live and vacation here! We know exactly how rare this kind of community is and we can point you in the direction of everything – the restaurants you have to try, the surf spots within walking distance, and where to buy that one thing you’ve been looking all over for.

We’re happy to talk, one-on-one and from personal experience, about what it’s like to live here, raise families here, retire here, and explore every facet of life in Tamarindo and Tamarindo Park. We’ll discuss pros and cons, whole truths and hard truths – all the details you need, with the honesty and transparency you deserve.

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