Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica owner Becky Clower was featured on House Hunters International, or as we are fond of calling this episode, House Hunters Costa Rica. House Hunters is a show produced by HGTV.

In the episode, Becky teams up with world traveler Sarah, who is also an expat. Sarah was born in the United States. Throughout her 27-year career, Sarah has called six different countries home. Sarah definitely knows her way around airports and hotels.

During House Hunters Costa Rica taping, Sarah was living in London. However, she decided that she wanted a place she could truly call home. Costa Rica was a natural fit for Sarah, as she always gravitated towards nature. Plus, she has a puppy, which will absolutely adore the tropical weather of Costa Rica.

Along with her good friend Steve, Sarah sets out to Costa Rica on an adventure to find her dream home. Sarah has a $300,000 budget from which to make her fantasy a reality.

Sarah must balance her dream home requirements with her budget. She wants an eco-friendly home with an amazing view of the ocean as well as a property that her dog can really enjoy. If she can’t find the perfect home, then Sarah may end up building her own. However, she would really prefer a turnkey solution (aka a home that is already built) so she doesn’t need to deal with all the headaches of blueprints, permits, and construction. Plus, she would have a lot more time on her hands to enjoy all the benefits that Costa Rica has to offer.

Does Sarah go for the turnkey house that lacks the ocean view or does Sarah endure the challenges in order to get all of dream home requirements? You will have to tune into House Hunters Costa Rica to find out!