On the panoramic, oceanview peaks of El Cerro Almendro and located between Playa Grande and Playa Conchal – two of Costa Rica’s most scenic and sought-after beach towns – sits Las Ventanas de Playa Grande, Costa Rica.

Unfolding over 380 acres of lush landscapes and rare tropical dry forest, Las Ventanas is an incredibly unique, low-density community (just 73 properties) of exceptional privacy. It is spread over nine subdivisions: La Sabana, El Roble, Caracara, El Camino, Catalinas, Altamar, Jaguarundi, San Pedro, and Cenizaros – many of which boast breathtaking ocean views.

A true eco-community, Las Ventanas is committed to sustainable development, natural connections, and environmental protections. The community’s tropical contemporary architecture gracefully pairs natural terrain with spacious, mostly single-level homes that adapt to their surroundings.

And oh, those surrounds! Las Ventanas de Playa Grande unfolds over forests, hillsides, and mountain peaks that showcase views of the Pacific Ocean, tropical dry forest, the Catalinas Islands, Las Baulas National Marine Park, Bahía de Los Piratas, and mangroves. These ecosystems host an abundance of wildlife, from howler monkeys and coatimundis to roadrunners and parrots.

The community is convenient to Liberia International Airport, Tamarindo, many private schools, and 30 miles of beaches within 30 minutes. Indeed, Las Ventanas de Playa Grande is the kind of place that invites you to get out and explore. And yet here, you’ll also want to stay home to enjoy the community’s high-end amenities, including a west-facing Clubhouse with an infinity pool, community playground, and skatepark.

Las Ventanas de Playa Grande at a Glance

Las Ventanas de Playa Grande gated community in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Las Ventanas de Playa Grande is a panoramic, ocean-view development that delivers low-density living, a true neighborhood feel, and glorious privacy, just a 5-minute drive to powder-soft beaches, top private schools, and the many services and amenities of Tamarindo.

It’s hard to embody the spirit of a place – especially a place as singular as Las Ventanas – but these few quick bullet points can help frame the bigger picture:

Location: Playa Conchal & Playa Grande (GPS coordinates: 10.346340235626583, -85.83524068945808)

Community Size: 380 acres

Price Range: $190,000-$2.8M+

Lifestyle: Families, Active Lifestyle Enthusiasts, Nature Lovers, and Retirees

Las Ventanas Community Amenities: 

  • Planned Community Clubhouse with infinity pool (construction beginning 2022)
  • Nature, Walking & Biking Trails, with various trailheads throughout the community
  • Community Organic Gardens
  • Outdoor Recreational Park, including a skatepark + playground
  • Backdoor Access to Secluded Beaches
  • High-End Infrastructure, including paved roads, wells, and underground utilities in ocean-view areas
  • 24/7 Gated Security

Tropical Contemporary Architecture at Las Ventanas

Located in the heart of Guanacaste province and surrounded by rare tropical dry forest, Las Ventanas has an important duty: to not just protect but to nurture Guanacaste’s critical ecosystems ­– one of the last remaining swaths of tropical dry forest in the world.

And so, Las Ventanas is born of a philosophy that architecture can adapt to, rather than change, a community’s terrain. Here, they call it tropical contemporary architecture: development that functions and blends with natural landscapes.

This means that homes in Las Ventanas make every effort to modify their plans and change their architecture, so as to change little about their surrounds. Your home will adapt to this native climate and precious ecosystem. You will preserve the trees and flora, landscapes, and terrain that make way for irreplaceable biodiversity, throughout the annual cycles of the region’s lush green season and sun-drenched dry season.

In practical terms, this boils down to energy-efficient homes with plenty of cross-ventilation, natural light, deep overhangs, large sliding glass doors, and covered alfresco verandas. The point of all that? To minimize your environmental and energy footprint, while reducing your electricity bill and delivering indoor/outdoor spaces that you can enjoy, rain or shine.

Las Ventanas Clubhouse: A Community Gathering Spot

If we had to pick one crown jewel in Las Ventanas’ gemstone-studded cap, it would be the west-facing Resident Clubhouse, located in the La Sabana community near Cerro Almedro’s peak.

Owning a prime position, this lovely gathering spot invites Las Ventanas residents to enjoy jaw-dropping sunsets and the joys of an infinity pool and recreational area. And just down the road: the community’s brand-new Playground, featuring a family recreation center and community skatepark.

Las Ventanas de Playa Grande: A Community of Neighborhoods

Casa Sunset affordable luxury homes in Costa Rica

Casa Sunset, located within Las Ventanas, showcases the community’s signature tropical contemporary architecture, Pacific Ocean views, and jaw-dropping sunsets.

Crave the intimacy of a close-knit neighborhood and the amenities of a larger community? Then Las Ventanas could be an excellent fit for your lifestyle.

Las Ventanas features a wonderful community-within-a-community layout with six infrastructure-ready subdivisions: La Sabana, El Roble, Caracara, Catalinas, and San Pedro, with its newest, Cenizaros, nearing completion. All have their own unique flavor, from jungle living to ocean-view glories, and a feel all their own.

What’s more, each subdivision offers a unique sense of community – a small neighborhood feel, where you know everyone by name. And yet, you’re still connected to the wider community of Las Ventanas de Playa Grande, complete with all its myriad amenities.

Construction Phases at Ventanas del Playa Grande

While we’re on the topic of Las Ventanas’ neighborhoods and subdivisions, let’s talk details. Please note that Las Ventanas inventory is very limited. As such, many building sites and subdivisions are sold out (pending resales).

If you are interested in a specific community, please get in touch and we will contact you as soon as a home becomes available.

La Sabana at Las Ventanas de Playa Grande

The birthplace of Las Ventanas, La Sabana features mostly flat building sites, the community’s largest lots, and Costa Rica’s first 100% self-sustainable home.

Located in the community’s southwest sector, La Sabana is named for Guanacaste’s rolling savanna (sabana in Spanish, pronounced sah-BAH-na). This neighborhood was developed to invoke a rural appeal, with 26 ecological quintas (large lots, more or less) ranging from 1.2 to 2.26 acres. That’s positively palatial, by Costa Rica gated community standards!

La Sabana offers direct access to the main entrance to Playa Grade, as well as to the community’s walking trails and organic gardens.

El Roble at Las Ventanas de Playa Grande

Named for its thick forests full of Grandfather Oak trees – robles in Spanish – El Roble (pronounced ROH-blay) offers a touch of seclusion and one of the best values at Las Ventanas.

Here, value is a balance of lot size, price, and views. An average lot size of 0.35 acres blends with wooded privacy (two properties have ocean views) to create a home in the jungle ambiance that nature lovers crave.

El Roble is located in the southern foothills of Cerro Almendro, adjacent to the Playground and Skatepark.

Caracara at Las Ventanas de Playa Grande

Caracara – or, sometimes, Cara Cara – is the second piece of the community’s Phase 2 development. Notably, it’s home to a more elevated position than its phase sister, El Roble. So, Caracara offers larger lots, many with spectacular Pacific Ocean views.

The community of Caracara is named for the caracara bird that makes its home in the region. It’s also Playa Grande’s premier ocean-view subdivision. Home to some of Las Ventanas’ most captivating properties, this community overlooks unobstructed views of Playa Grande, Las Baulas National Marine Park, and Tamarindo.

Catalinas at Las Ventanas de Playa Grande

Catalinas is named for the dotted archipelago of islands just off Playa Grande’s golden coastline. This subdivision (formerly, El Camino) is an ocean-view community featuring some of Las Ventanas’ most coveted properties. And that is thanks to its sky-high positioning and captivating vistas.

Crowning the path to Cerro Santiago (a community landmark), Catalinas unfolds over spectacular views. Here, you’ll look out to Tamarindo Bay, protected mangrove forests, Las Baulas National Marine Park, and its eponymous islands. It’s also just a one-minute walk to the Clubhouse, as well as the Playground, skatepark, and walking trails.

Under Construction: San Pedro at Las Ventanas de Playa Grande

Perched high above Playa Grande, atop the peaks of Cerro Almendro, the San Pedro subdivision is a panoramic wonder of lush landscapes, eco-friendly architecture, and breathtaking views.

Indeed, here, almost every building site features Pacific Ocean views and the 360º views feature windows to the Las Catalinas Islands and Pirates’ Bay, or Bahía de Los Piratas – itself, just a 5-minute drive from San Pedro’s private north gate.

The San Pedro subdivision is also home to Las Ventanas’ west-facing Clubhouse and Recreational Area, which features an infinity pool and recreational / events space.

Nearing Completion: Cenizaros at Las Ventanas de Playa Grande

Coming soon!

Cenizaros, named for the towering tropical ash trees that populate Guanacaste’s rolling landscapes, is the newest subdivision at Las Ventanas. Details forthcoming.

Why Live at Las Ventanas and Playa Grande, Costa Rica?

surfing at Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Las Ventanas is a premier oceanview community in Playa Grande, home to some of Guanacaste’s best surfing, convenient to the Liberia International Airport, and a short drive to many of the best private schools in Costa Rica

In a nutshell, Las Ventanas offers a wonderful mix of the best of all worlds: convenience and amenities, paired with seclusion and nature. It’s like living in the middle of nowhere while having access to everywhere. As we said, the best of all worlds…

Located just 65 minutes from Liberia International Airport and 15 minutes north of Tamarindo – a veritable hub for services, amenities, shopping, and all your other day-to-day and lifestyle needs – Playa Grande is a booming beachside community unto itself.

Choose Playa Grande if you love to surf, spend plenty of time at the beach, and value nature – this is the home of Las Baulas National Marine Park, a critical habitat for nesting sea turtles, including its eponymous leatherback (una baula, in Spanish).

Families choose Las Ventanas de Playa Grande not only for its sense of community and kid-friendly amenities (community playground and skatepark, anyone!?), but for its access to Guanacaste private schools. (The three closest are CRIA, Educarte, and La Paz Community School.)

Interested in Living at Ventanas de Playa Grande, Costa Rica?

If you’re researching master-planned developments and gated communities in Guanacaste, and you think Las Ventanas might be the one, then you’re in the right place!

At Blue Water Properties, we’re experts in Playa Grande, Playa Conchal, Guanacaste, and Las Ventanas. In fact, we live here! We appreciate and fully understand the just-heres and ins-and-outs that this ocean-view, communities-within-a-community development offers. And we can talk to you, one-on-one and from personal experience, about what it’s like to live here, raise families here, retire here, and explore every facet of life at Las Ventanas de Playa Grande.

We’re happy to answer any questions or just help talk you through your decision. We’ll talk pros and cons, whole truths and hard truths – all the details you need, with the honesty and transparency you deserve. Because at Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, we’re more than a real estate team. We’re good neighbors and, we hope, future friends.

We’re also bilingual, bicultural, and seriously experienced. We’re sticklers for responding within 24 hours. And we put you first. Because we’re also proud to offer some of the best Costa Rica real estate, including spectacular lots, dream homesites, and so much more.

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