Tamarindo Real Estate


What Makes Tamarindo Special?

Tamarindo is a picturesque fishing village located in Costa Rica preferred by tourists worldwide who love the year-round sun, beautiful views, and bustling nightlife available to its visitors. Year upon year, tourists flock to the village in search of a restorative holiday capable of reinvigorating even the most overworked people in society. Upon visiting the town, many tourists fall in love with the lifestyle lived by the locals and other ex-pats and subsequently rush to purchase property here. Tamarindo is the largest coastal town in Guanacaste. It is popular all year round, primarily with surfers either practicing their skills or entering international surfing competitions, which are held in Tamarindo.


Activities available in Tamarindo

People feel the desire to visit Tamarindo as there is always ample opportunity to have fun while relaxing and restoring inner peace simultaneously. The village is a prime location for a huge range of different activities, including but not limited to fishing, surfing, diving, state of the art golfing facilities, and long, unspoiled beach walks with many restaurants nearby, which can be enjoyed by all. For those


As there are plenty of amenities and things to do in the village, it will come as no surprise that average real estate prices in the area of Tamarindo have risen slightly since 2019, however you still receive excellent value for money in this market. No matter which type of real estate areas you are looking to join, be that buying, renting, or financing you are putting yourself into a sustainable market capable of providing you with an excellent retreat, or home, depending on your circumstances. Regardless of whether you are looking for residential or commercial properties, you are in one of the most fruitful locations worldwide, and your investment here is a smart one.


Supply and Demand

The average cost of residential property in Tamarindo now sits at $375,000, but as with all popular locations, prices tend to increase with demand. Although the price to purchase real estate in Tamarindo is higher than in most other places in Costa Rica, there is massive potential for investment due to the excellent rental yield profit of between 5-8% per calendar month. Purchasing property in the village can provide you with a sustainable income all year round, better still, as demand increases, so will your return on investment for your property rental in Tamarindo.


In recent times the village has seen huge levels of corporate investment into local development of a range of infrastructure in different industries. No longer are you restricted on what you can do here? Instead, enjoy being spoilt for choice with a wealth of opportunities available to you to pass the time in the best way for you. Thrill-seekers and relaxed members of the public alike have no trouble finding fun activities to do; therefore, you find a huge range of diverse groups of people populating the village. People of all ages, from all across the world, call Tamarindo home and the village boasts one of the most diverse communities in the whole of Costa Rica.

For those of you with a driving license, Cost Rica’s capital city, San Jose is only a 4-5-hour car journey away from Tamarindo. It is easily accessible on well-kept roads, so if you are looking to learn more about Costa Rica and the culture of those who reside here, you can do so without any problem.


Average Residential Property Purchase Price

As stated above, the average purchase price of a residential real estate property in Tamarindo Is $375,000, however sales data from the year of 2019 shows residential properties here retail for anywhere between $200,000 and $700,000, however, to secure a top-quality property in the bespoke village, we think $375,000 is a fair price for a property capable of providing you with the comfort, privacy, and levels of relaxation you’d expect to receive in a village such as this.

Tamarindo sports a huge range of different real estate investment opportunities available to all who can front the bill. Whether you are looking for beachfront homes, condos, luxury apartments, or hotels for purchase, you are truly spoilt for choice with what is available on the market today. When you take into account the rental income you are to receive from your purchase, your overall quality of life, and your access to fantastic local healthcare opportunities, it becomes clear why Tamarindo is exceptionally popular with tourists year upon year.


Rental Costs in Tamarindo

Although there is a huge margin for a profit upon renting out your newly purchased real estate property in Tamarindo, you can expect to see lower than average rental costs for a place offering as many facilities as here. When we compare the village with California, for example, which arguably sports fewer fun activities with a lower quality of life, average prices are around $1500 a month lower.


The average price for a rental property in Tamarindo is just $1500 per calendar month, as opposed to an average price of $2995 for rentals of the same size in California. It quickly becomes apparent regarding the excellent value for money available here upon investing, be it long or short term.


Although $1500 may seem steep at first for those of you on a lower budget, you can rent for as many or as few months as you wish without an increase in price, making Tamarindo an excellent getaway destination for those seeking some temporary relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Lifestyle Costs in Tamarindo

Unlike many other popular tourist destinations around the world, Tamarindo stands in a class of its own. Here, you will not find huge corporations littering the streets offering fast food such as Mcdonalds, (which we all know is inherently bad for our overall health and diet). Instead, the streets are lined with locals offering a wide variety of locally grown produce such as fruit and vegetables. In Tamarindo, $25.00 can quickly fill your fridge for a whole week with top quality, locally produced sustainable foods, all of which come at no expense to our planet as they are harvested ethically by local people.


Amenities and Services Close to Tamarindo

A few years ago, Costa Rica saw vast levels of investment into facilities across the country by the Costa Rican government who wanted to stem the decline in the overall population. They decided that the best way to increase the number of visitors to the country was by investing in local facilities. Now, you have access to local healthcare opportunities close to Tamarindo, including dentistry, dermatology, oral surgery, and many more.


Investment Opportunities in Tamarindo

With the investment from the government who realized that tourism is a key factor in their overall GDP (Gross Domestic Product), Costa Rica no longer sees a decline in tourism; Tamarindo especially is experiencing huge levels of demand for real estate never seen before leading to a huge increase in your return on investment should you decide to make a purchase and lease your property to holidaymakers.


The data available at this time shows that the trend is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, with many lucrative investment opportunities popping up almost daily. Your investment in Tamarindo will undoubtedly stand you in great stead to build on your property portfolio and earn some extra cash.



Upon beginning your journey into the real estate market in Tamarindo, you can expect average costs of living to be between $2500-$3000 for a couple who are renting a property. If you own the real estate property in which you are staying in, the cost of living is subsequently halved. The main expense for locals and ex-pats populating Tamarindo is imported goods and electricity bills, so it may be wise to switch off all unused appliances (or advise those staying in your property) to do so, to keep costs down as best as possible.



While it can be daunting to enter into any new real estate market, you can be safe in the knowledge that when you do so in Tamarindo, you can do so with confidence and total certainty in the market. Since 2017, the return on a rental investment has risen by between 4-7.5% and is continuing to do so to date with no inclination that it will slow any time soon.

The overall cost of living in Tamarindo is cheaper than in most places offering a similar if not, worse quality of life so whether you are looking to emigrate and start over, or are looking for a great destination for a holiday home capable of providing you with added sustainable finance, Tamarindo is undoubtedly one of the best locations worldwide to do just that. The real estate opportunities here are endless, we suggest you take full advantage now and see what is available on your budget, as demand and prices are set to increase dramatically once again after the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic subsides.

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