In 2021, we were proud to transition Blue Water Adventures to new ownership. Please visit them at Blue Zone Experience.

Surprise! If you’ve come to know Blue Water Properties through our real estate or vacation rentals, you may not know that we also specialize in tours and adventures. Plot twist: We do!

Meet Blue Water Adventures, our Costa Rica travel agency and close-to-our-hearts passion project – a professional ode to our love for all things Costa Rica. Because, we’re all here for and because of Costa Rica: These landscapes, that ocean, those beaches – these are the reasons we came, our impetus to stay, and the motive to make Guanacaste our forever home. We love Costa Rica and we can’t wait for you to love it, too. 

We’ll tell you a little more about us at the end of this post, but for now, we’re amped to share a few of our favorite adventures. Because, after all, when the name of your Costa Rica travel agency is Blue Water Adventures… well, you know we’re here for the adventure!

Catamaran Tour

catamaran tour in Tamarindo or Flamingo Costa Rica

One of our top tours – and one of those rare, you’ll-never-forget-it adventures – our catamaran tours depart Tamarindo or Flamingo for a 4.5-hour sail around the Pacific. 

There’s so much to love about this afternoon on the sea: Perhaps you’ll fall in love with the quiet cove where the crew anchors, giving you a chance to snorkel, kayak, and stroll along the beach. You may love lounging on the catamaran deck, sipping a drink (beer, wine, and liquor included), and munching snacks. Or perhaps, the image that will stick most in your mind is that of ta fiery sunset – one of the most famous in Costa Rica. 

If you’re lucky (and it’s the right time of year), you may even hit the catamaran jackpot and spot sea turtles, humpback whales, and dolphins along the way!

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Surf Lessons in Costa Rica

Costa Rica surf lessons with Blue Water Adventures

You can’t come all the way to Costa Rica and not catch a wave! Well, of course, you can but we really wouldn’t recommend it: Costa Rica – and especially, our Tamarindo area of Costa Rica – is famous for its surf. And for an exceptional reason!

Lefts and rights, barrels and breaks – the great Pacific graces our shores with the kind of waves that inspire surfers’ dreams. And yet, it’s also easy to find the perfect spot for never-touched-a-board beginners: the kind of gentle, sandy-bottomed, baby-waves stretch of beach where you can float, balance, and practice until you find your comfort zone. 

And that’s why, as an experienced Costa Rica travel agency, we often recommend anyone with an adventurous and ocean-loving spirit try their hand at surf lessons. Group and private classes available!

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Secluded Beaches Tour

secluded beaches in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Costa Rica may have once been Latin America’s best-kept secret, but it’s safe to say we’ve now been discovered. And, while our beaches rarely approach anything that could be described as “crowded,” let alone “packed,” we understand your craving for seclusion. Who wouldn’t want to have a tropical beach, all to yourself?

Enter our tour to our coast’s most secluded beaches – a perennial favorite, at our Costa Rica travel agency– and you can explore a Guanacaste that few tourists ever experience: pristine, isolated, and, sometimes, without another soul in sight. 

Over 4 hours, we’ll travel to the beaches locals love, where you can stroll the sand, snorkel the depths, and snack beneath the palms.

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All-Day Adventure Combo Tour Near Rincon de la Vieja Volcano

canopy tour near Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica

Imagine you’re standing on a tree platform, the rare tropical dry forest stretching out before you. You inhale deeply. 1, 2, 3…


Not into the void, but out onto a canopy zipline – one of Costa Rica’s quintessential, you-just-have-to-do-it, high-octane adventures. One of our classic (and still favorite) tours, our Adventure Combo check not only “canopy tour” off your list, but also an active volcano, whitewater tubing or whitewater rafting, horseback riding, a jungle waterslide, and hot springs and volcanic mud baths. (Take your pick of the day’s adventures.) Whew!

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Estuary Tours

Tamarindo estuary tour with our Costa Rica travel agency

Most visits to Tamarindo or Flamingo revolve around two things: the Pacific Ocean and tropical dry forest (one of the last remaining in the world, so we understand!). As a Costa Rica travel agency with an eye for the authentic and the not-loud-enough-sung, we’d like to introduce you to a third: Guanacaste’s estuaries and mangroves.

An estuary – officially, where river meets sea and blends freshwater and saltwater – offers an incredible opportunity for wildlife watching and birding. (And it’s an especially great choice if you hope for high-adrenaline sightings, like crocodiles and caimans!) 

Here, we’ll cruise along on a kayak or boat, while your guide points out many you’ll-only-see-them-here species. It’s an experience we highly recommend.

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Deep-Sea Fishing

deep sea fishing tour near Tamarindo with Blue Water Adventures

Did you know that our area of Guanacaste is world-renowned for sport fishing? That’s because our oceans teem with some of your most-sought, bucket-list fish: grouper and sailfish, yellowfin tuna and wahoodorado (dolphinfish) and roosterfish, snapper and marlin (blue, black, and striped!).

Of course, they’re all out of reach without the right boat – and we have you more than covered, there! Our highly experienced sportfishing teams crew well-equipped boats outfitted for a memorable deep-sea adventure: 31’, 38’, and 50’ luxury boats, available for both half-day and full-day excursions. 

The only question left is, what record will you set?

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Blue Water Adventures, a Costa Rica Travel Agency: Our Promise to You

Blue Water Adventures Costa Rica travel agency

At Blue Water Adventures, we’re big on purpose. It’s the reason we first launched our Costa Rica travel agency

As always, we uphold our Blue Water dedication to fast response times and always putting our guests first. And we have serious experience to make that commitment count: As bilingual, bicultural, and long-term residents, we have explored Guanacaste from top to bottom, scouring every corner for the best of the best. 

We’ve beaten a bit of a path – just enough to take you there, too. Here’s our promise:

You Can’t Beat Our Quality: We don’t cut corners, ever. And we settle for nothing less than the best tours, adventures, and journeys out there. 

We’re Fully Permitted: Our tours are fully permitted, our guides are fully insured, and we do everything above board and by the book. Because you, our travelers, deserve this level of accountability. 

Our Rates Are Very Competitive: We believe in pairing the highest quality with the best value. So, we offer very competitive rates with discounts for both groups and kids. 

We’ll Take You Where Others Won’t: We own our own vans and employ dedicated drivers, which means we have a lot more flexibility when it comes to what we offer. Let’s put it this way: We don’t have to take you to the same waterfall, the same zip line, the same sportfishing spot as everyone else. Together, we’ll forge a more authentic, more personalized path down the road less traveled. 

Our Bilingual Guides Have Serious Experience: Our expert guides not only know their stuff (they’ve been at it for years), but they’re also trained to have your back, in every eventuality. 

Tell Us About Your Next Adventure

At Blue Water Properties, we’ve built a reputation for 5-star service – from our incredible guides and off-the-beaten-path adventures, to our great communication and helpful concierge services– and we make it our mission to re-earn that reputation, with every adventure we take you on. 

So, please get in touch. We’re sticklers for responding within 24 hours. Yes, even if you’re reading this post into the wee hours; we’ll respond within the day! And we look forward to it!

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