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Tamarindo Park


Exclusive. Walkable. Sustainable. Luxurious. Eco-friendly. These are all words that can (and do) describe the new, master-planned Tamarindo Park gated community. And yet, none can wholly encompass its beauty or communicate the sense of wonder you’ll feel while here.

Designed and developed to “tread softly,” Tamarindo Park fully respects its privileged location: Perched on a hilltop overlooking Playa Langosta, Playa Tamarindo, and Las Baulas National Marine Park, this walkable community is minutes by foot to everything Tamarindo, and yet built for peace, quiet, and consummate harmony with Mother Nature.

It all began a half-century ago, when Tamarindo was still a fishing village of sandy roads and big dreams. It was then that a local man, Claudio Cerdas Zúñiga, fell in love with a gorgeous swath of striking Tamarindo hillside: rolling, forested landscapes and ocean-view hillsides that captured his heart. Today, over 50 years later, that man’s family carries on his legacy, having founded the Tamarindo Park Foundation and created the Tamarindo Park gated community, which promises to capture your heart, too.




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Tamarindo Park


One of the few gated communities in Tamarindo proper, Tamarindo Park is a master-planned community with an emphasis on the master planning: An upscale Beach Club in Tamarindo, a Club House set into the hills, and a host of other planned amenities currently under development.

Note that the Tamarindo Park gated community is new and many of its amenities are still under construction or in the planning phases. We will update as projects reach completion, but please get in touch if you’d like a current status update.

  • Beach Club with beach amenities, a world-class restaurant, and a full bar
  • Club House with a pool & swim-up bar, great views, and a restaurant
  • Paddle Tennis
  • Municipal Park, to include walking paths, biking paths, and a picnic area
  • Spa-Wellness Center & Fitness Studio
  • Permaculture Food Forest
  • Onsite Restaurants
  • Onsite Shops



Tamarindo Park gated community is home to sweeping ocean views and several phases of construction (Phase 1 ongoing, as of 2023), which will encompass distinct communities within the greater community.
Hilltop Village (aka The Hilltop)
This first phase of construction is already underway at Tamarindo Park: Located at the community’s entrance, just a 10-minute walk to the beach and downtown, The Hilltop appropriately perches on a hilltop overlooking spectacular ocean views. More than 18 homes have already been built and/or are under construction; this phase’s modern home plans creatively adapt and blend harmoniously with their landscapes, while touching or changing as little as possible.
Coral Gardens
Coming Soon: Plans for Phase Two of construction, known as Coral Gardens, have been approved and will soon move forward into the design phase with renowned architect Richard Müller. Coral Gardens’ infrastructure is already in the works! (Note: The new paddle tennis court is located at Coral Gardens!)
Future Plans
Coming Soon: After work on Coral Gardens has been completed, Tamarindo Park will continue to move forward in phases, which will extend to four more housing communities, including The Woodlands, The Reef, The Palms, and Sunset. We will update here as more information becomes available.


Tamarindo Park

Tamarindo Park gated community is a luxury sustainable community: A community that seeks to prove you can have it all and give up nothing, while still honoring Mother Nature and preserving what you hold dear.

And so, while Tamarindo Park is home to a nature preserve, sustainable construction that abides by nature’s natural boundaries, and follows eco-friendly practices, it is also a highly walkable community – not just within Tamarindo Park, but walking distance to the beach, dining, shopping, and more – and home to year-round, upscale amenities designed for an active lifestyle.

Tamarindo Park is the kind of community that ticks all the boxes. To begin, there’s the gated component: At the entrance to Tamarindo Park gated community, 24/7 gated security ensures peace of mind and controlled access, so you can rest easy, whether you’re in residence or away from home.

Additionally, Tamarindo Park has an expanding network of paved roads that connect you to your neighbors and all community amenities. That said, you’ll often find yourself leaving the car at home, as the community’s convenience can’t be beat: Tamarindo Park is one of only three gated communities in Tamarindo proper, and offers easy golf-cart or walking access (about 10 minutes from The Hilltop) to many of the town’s best services and amenities, including the beach, dining, and shopping.

Coming Soon: Tamarindo Park’s future Beach Club will promise the perfect spot to relax by the oceanfront. Plans include an ocean-view pool and pool cabanas, a cocktail lounge, locker rooms, surfboard storage, and a five-star restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Coming Soon: When you’re ready to swap ocean waves for ocean breezes, head into the hills and Tamarindo Park’s Club House, which will have incredible ocean views, a pool with a swim-up bar, an onsite restaurant, and the perfect ambiance for making memories with family and friends.

Now serving! Tamarindo Park is the proud home to a new paddle tennis court. This popular racquet sport combines elements of tennis and squash to create a fast-paced game similar to pickleball. The community’s paddle tennis court features top-quality surfaces to meet the highest standards for the sport.

Coming Soon: In partnership with the local municipality, Tamarindo Park will build a beautiful, dog-friendly public park. Here, you’ll find platform (elevated) paths, access to walking and biking trails (see below), golf-cart routes, an amphitheater, nature observation terraces, a playground, picnic areas, and other amenities.

As of 2023, Tamarindo Park has mapped trailheads and broken ground on their forested biking and hiking trails, which wend and wind through the property’s nature preserve to summit Pacific Ocean views and panoramas over rolling hills and savannah land. More to come!

Coming Soon: Speaking to the community’s convenience, Tamarindo Park’s future commercial spaces will answer many of your day-to-day needs and wants – from coffee shops and spa services to restaurants and retail shops. Currently underway is a small commercial space next to the community’s second phase. Here, the Tamarindo Park Foundation will organize a weekly farmer’s market, and the commercial space will host a health center, workspaces (for all the digital nomads out there!), and a coffee shop.

Tamarindo Park


Founded as proof that you can enjoy a few of life’s “good things” while still honoring your values and nurturing Mother Nature, life at Tamarindo Park gated community does not require sacrifice.

The eco-community’s architectural style unites the worlds of modern architecture and biodiversity preservation – a true eco-community that celebrates its surroundings as much as its lifestyle. Because both Tamarindo Park and its architectural team are dedicated to changing the surroundings as little as possible.

At the helm: Famed architect Richard Müller who, for nearly 40 years, has made his home and career in Costa Rica. Müller is the country’s foremost expert in blending modern luxury with natural considerations, promising to “tread softly” and reminding us all that we can all “live in nature, coexist with it, preserve it, and regenerate it, and at the same time, enjoy it.”

Why cut a tree down, when your home could hug it instead?

Tamarindo Park


Tamarindo Park gated community is more than a place to live: It’s a commitment to preservation and the promise of a greener tomorrow.

Born of a core belief that conservation is the way forward, the Tamarindo Park Foundation is dedicated to protecting our region’s biodiverse beaches, stunning landscapes, and park preserves. In collaboration with developers, environmentalists, governmental authorities, the surrounding communities, and Tamarindo Park residents, the foundation works not only to ensure sustainable development but also to fiercely protect the region’s biodiversity.

As part of those efforts, Tamarindo Park has designated 75% of its landscapes to remain preserved and undisturbed. That’s right: Just 25% of their total acreage will ever be developed (and that 25% includes all homes, commercial real estate, roads, and other buildings), leaving the rest of its 90 acres ripe for exploration, wandering, and nature appreciation.



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