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Pinilla Developer’s Dream – Grand Estate of 946 Acres!
Calle Cañafístula, Cañafístula, Tamarindo, Cantón Santa Cruz, Provincia Guanacaste, 50309, Costa Rica
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946 acres

Pinilla Developer’s Dream – Grand Estate of 946 Acres!

Introducing a premier real estate opportunity!

Discover a world of limitless possibilities at Pinilla Developers’ Dream Farm, an expansive 946-acre (383-hectare) haven nestled in the heart of Costa Rica’s pristine northern Guanacaste region.

This exceptional property transcends the ordinary, offering a canvas for visionary developers to create ocean-view communities that harmonize with the lush landscapes and endless horizons. Welcome to a realm where nature’s bounty meets unparalleled development potential.

What You’ll Love:

  • Huge Development Potential: In one of Guanacaste province’s most sought-after destinations, this large swath of land offers a secure water supply and 964 acres (383 hectares) of development opportunity.
  • Ocean Views: With sweeping ocean views, this Developer’s Dream is also a buyer’s paradise.
  • Prime Location: Located minutes to the beach, Hacienda Pinilla, and Playa Avellanas, and just 20 minutes to the amenities of Tamarindo.

Unveiling the Land’s Majesty:

As you step onto this sprawling canvas, the land whispers tales of wonder and promise. Its gentle undulations guide you toward majestic mountains that guard the horizon. 

A magnificent ridge stretches for approximately 5 kilometers, offering an awe-inspiring 180-degree panoramic ocean view that sweeps from the southern jewel of Nosara to the northern allure of Playa Conchal. This enchanting spectacle is a testament to the property’s extraordinary grace.

A Symphony of Water:

Water, the lifeblood of existence, flows abundantly through this land. A river, four streams, and five natural springs weave a tapestry of vitality, nurturing the earth and gifting you with nature’s bounty. 

The promise of a secure water supply is further augmented by the pursuit of a deep well concession from MINAET, ensuring a steadfast flow exceeding 5 liters per second. This invaluable asset secures your vision of sustainable development, setting the stage for a vibrant community that thrives amidst water-scarce landscapes.

Materials from Earth’s Embrace:

Beyond its captivating vistas and water abundance, the farm cradles within its heart a treasury of construction-grade materials. These natural reserves are your allies in crafting roads and realizing your architectural visions. The mountainous terrain is a gift, ensuring the means to shape your dreams from the ground up.

A Gateway to Prestige:

Located a mere 10 minutes away, the prestigious Hacienda Pinilla community beckons—a realm of opulence boasting a 5-star J&W Marriott Hotel, a championship golf course, an exclusive beach club, and more. 

A short 15-minute drive leads you to the legendary surf haven of Playa Avellanas, an emblem of rapid growth and magnetic allure. Convenience intertwines with luxury, as a paved highway positioned just 5 minutes from the farm grants you a swift 15-minute passage to Playa Tamarindo, a tourism gem, and an hour’s embrace from the international Guanacaste Airport. The tapestry is woven with access to elite schools, supermarkets, major banks, and private medical facilities—all, a mere 10-20-minute sojourn from your sanctuary.

A Vision Unfolds:

This expansive canvas, endowed with 946 acres and enriched by its strategic location and abundant water resources, is a testament to possibility. Here, the echoes of your vision harmonize with the rhythm of nature, beckoning a residential condominium community that flourishes within the embrace of ocean panoramas. In a realm where many thirst for water, this sanctuary possesses the elixir of life—ample water resources, unlocking the potential for growth that knows no bounds.

Yet, serenity prevails. Amidst Costa Rica’s tropical dry forest, a gated haven beckons—a retreat where families, ocean enthusiasts, and those craving the authenticity of pura vida forge a harmonious existence. Amidst the tranquil embrace of nature, you find the antidote to crowded tourist enclaves and bustling townships.

For the Visionaries:

Investors seeking to script the future, take heed. Here, the next two decades hold the promise of residential and luxury development, where ocean-view communities spring to life at an enticing price point. Your masterpiece awaits, an opportunity to mold and sculpt the destiny of a landscape that cradles the future.

Seize this once-in-a-lifetime chance to paint your masterpiece on nature’s canvas, to script a legacy that stretches from ocean vistas to towering ridges. Embrace this premier real estate opportunity, where dreams unfold, and the future is yours to shape. 

Pinilla Developer’s Dream is offered at $8,000,000. Buyer pays all closing costs.

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