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Top 3 Golf Courses in Guanacaste: Where to Perfect Your Swing

golf greens at Hacienda Pinilla Golf Course

Meticulously manicured fairways, 360º ocean views, ancient lava flows, long yardage, and scenery so spectacular, you’ll want to pack your driver and your camera… These are just some of the promises held by the top three award-winning, tournament-hosting, certification-earning golf courses in Guanacaste. Because here, these courses offer the links, the luck, and the long…

Costa Rica Law N. 9996: Tax Exemptions, Duty-Free Imports & Other Benefits for Expats in Costa Rica (2022 Update)

lifestyle updates for expats in Costa Rica

If you’re considering a move to Costa Rica and you browse the internet/social media in any capacity, then chances are very good that you’ve come across references to Costa Rica’s new Law 9996 (Ley N. 9996) – the Law to Attract Investors and Retirees, of particular interest to expats in Costa Rica. So, now that the…

Guide to Guanacaste Airport (LIR) in Liberia, Costa Rica

Liberia International Airport guide

Note: Formerly the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport, commonly known as the Liberia International Airport, Costa Rica’s international airport located in Liberia, Guanacaste is now called the Guanacaste Airport. Its airport codes (LIR and MRLB) remain unchanged. Whether you already call Costa Rica home or are looking forward to doing so in the next months or…

Costa Rican Fish for Sale: Your Guide to the Fish Monger, the Market & More

whole fried fish Costa Rica

Whether you prefer to buy your fish at the grocery store, the central market, a fishmonger, or right off the pier, shopping for Costa Rican fish species can be an adventure. There’s the language barrier, to start with. Because, even when you’re fairly fluent in Spanish, you’re probably not completely fluent in fishy common names….