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Sustainable Living: Spotlight on Senderos Gated Community in Downtown Tamarindo

ocean-view Senderos gated community main photo

“Sustainable living.” You hear that phrase a lot for sale in Costa Rica. And yet, so often, it doesn’t go beyond much more than a short six syllables and a few surface-level efforts. Luckily, the Senderos gated community is a wonderful exception.   Perched atop awe-inspiring vistas overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Playa Grande National Marine Park,…

Tamarindo Business Guide: Restaurants, Cafés, Surf Shops & More

Tamarindo business directory main photo

Tamarindo coffee shops. Tamarindo restaurants. Tamarindo tours. Tamarindo shops. And even Tamarindo real estate (we can help with that!)… Whatever has brought you here, chances are good that you’re searching for local Tamarindo businesses. With an emphasis on the local. Tamarindo is the kind of destination where you can enjoy fine dining with your feet…

Gated Community Living: Spotlight on Hacienda Pinilla, One of Costa Rica’s Most Prestigious Communities

Hacienda Pinilla gated community main photo

An extraordinary community – one of the largest, most prestigious, and most established in Guanacaste and Costa Rica – Hacienda Pinilla, Costa Rica is more than a resort and goes beyond the bounds of its distinctive neighborhoods. It is the epitome of resort living and the jewel in the crown of Guanacaste gated communities: luxurious and exclusive, yet also homey and welcoming properties of Costa…

Gated Community Living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica: Spotlight on Tamarindo Park

Tamarindo Park municipal park

Over 50 years ago, when Tamarindo was a quaint fishing village traversed by dirt roads and brimming with ambitious dreams, a local resident fell in love with a unique swath of breathtaking landscapes: undulating hills and forests with captivating ocean views. Living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica had never looked more beautiful.  Unable to resist, he…

Living in Tamarindo: The Pros and Cons

main photo living in Tamarindo

Considering living in Tamarindo? We are excited for you! Whether you’re moving from abroad or from another region of Costa Rica, a potential move to the beach and, specifically, to Tamarindo is exhilarating. An idyllic town on Costa Rica’s North-Pacific coast, in the sun-drenched province of Guanacaste, Tamarindo is what many consider the perfect destination…

Playa Grande, Costa Rica: Guanacaste’s Lifestyle, Surf & Wildlife Paradise

Playa Grande Costa Rica main photo

We wouldn’t quite call it a best-kept secret, but there’s definitely a little (or rather, a lot) something special about Playa Grande, Costa Rica.  Located just a river estuary north of Tamarindo – one of Guanacaste’s most popular and well-equipped beach towns – Playa Grande feels determinedly other. Quieter, calmer, and dedicated to the outdoor…

Making Your Retirement Dreams a Reality in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

main photo retiring in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Have you ever dreamed of retiring in a tropical paradise? Then stop right here, because you may be dreaming of retiring in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. An idyllic town on Costa Rica’s North-Pacific coast, in the sun-drench province of Guanacaste, Tamarindo is what many consider the perfect destination for retirement: Stunning beaches. A vibrant international community….

Lucky 7: The Top Gated Communities for Families in Guanacaste

main photo gated communities for families in Guanacaste

When it comes to choosing the top gated communities for families in Guanacaste, it isn’t easy: Our region is home to a wide array of incredible gated communities, each with its own distinct benefits, amenities, and lifestyle draws. But we have to start somewhere! So, as we assessed each area community, we considered the following…

Sportfishing Guide to Guanacaste: Species, Seasons & Marinas

It’s no contest: Costa Rica and, specifically, Guanacaste sportfishing offer some of the most record-breaking, tall tale-spinning, world-renowned inshore and offshore fishing opportunities in the Americas. How’s that for an intro? And yet, it’s all true: Costa Rica is not only an incredibly popular sport fishing destination, but our specific area – that is, central…


Stunning scenery, ideal climate, wonderful people and proximity to International Airports, Costa Rica has become a popular area for investment, relocation and retirement for many North Americans and Europeans alike.


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