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Playa Flamingo Costa Rica
Playa Flamingo in Costa Rica is truly a paradise. The pristine white sand beaches are surely something to behold. You will also find secluded beaches, lagoons, mountains, and jungles.

Located in the Guanacaste region, this tropical paradise has all one can ask for. You have a myriad of outdoor activities. For those that love swimming with the fishes, you will have no problem finding snorkeling and scuba diving tours. If you prefer to spend your time above water, then enjoy sailing or parasailing.

If you enjoy hiking, then you’ll love Playa Flamingo in Costa Rica. Santa Rosa National Park and Palo Verde reserve are truly a hikers dream. Just wait until you see the howler monkeys and all the exotic birds.

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Playa Flamingo is located in Punta Salinas, which is only 75 kilometers from Liberia International Airport. This makes travel for those that are coming in from out of town (or from a different country) very easy.

As you may have guessed, the best time to visit Costa Rica is during the winter months. Costa Rica has a dry heat during this period, so no need to worry about humidity. Average temperatures are just a few degrees above 80. Hot, but not too hot, as we like to think.

When it comes to visiting Guanacaste, Tamarindo is the most traveled destination. But for those that are looking for a more laid back, tranquil experience, Playa Flamingo Costa Rica is just what you are looking for.

Blue water Properties of Costa Rica has both condos and homes for sale in Playa Flamingo. We also have vacation rentals. Please peruse our listings and let us know if you see anything that you like. Additionally, if you would like us to schedule activities for you (diving, fishing, golfing, zip lining, etc.), then just drop us a line and we will put together an experience that you will never forget.

In 2021, we were proud to transition Blue Water Vacation Rentals to new ownership. Please visit them at Blue Zone Experience. Close your eyes and envision your next vacation. (But don’t forget to open them again!) If you’ve dreamed of anywhere warm, chances are good that your mind’s eye has

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